The Long Game Part 3: Painting in the Dark

A brand new video essay for 2016! "Painting in the Dark: The Struggle for Art in A World Obsessed with Popularity" is the long overdue follow up to the Long Game Parts 1 & 2 which looked at the creative ups and downs of Leonardo da Vinci. In this new video essay, I've taken a look at the forgotten difficult years of another celebrated artist and wondered what it means for creative people working today. THE LONG GAME PART 1: THE LONG GAME PART 2: WANT TO SEE MORE? Subscribe to this channel: Visit the website: Sign up to the newsletter: Support me directly and be involved: If you liked this essay and want to see more like it, please consider supporting my work on Patreon: CREDITS: Written, Narrated, Directed and Edited by Adam Westbrook With thanks to: Chris Oatley, Maike Venhofen, Cody Delistraty, Caroline Vanier, Jamie Norton Patreon Beta Testers: Julianne McCartney, Kieron Tarrant, Japjeet Khalsa, Michael Pilosov, Robert Moran, Yiannis Volos, Chris Schaefer, Craig Warren, Brian Augsberger, Yaman, Hunter Reed, Matteo Rovatti. Music: "Lullaby" by _ghost "Famous Last Words" by Artemis Strong "Innocent Swim" by Dtseng Additional music by Audiojungle and Audionetwork Images: All works of Vincent Van Gogh in the Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons Images of T.S. Elliot and Julia Margaret Cameron by kind permission of the National Portrait Gallery, London Image of Elizabeth Gilbert by Erik Charlton Image of Naquib Mahfouz by Misr2009 Additional Footage provided by Videohive © 2016


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