National Anthem of STRAYA (to the tune of Hey Ya)

Definitely needs to be the new National Anthem for Australia. Outkast's 'Hey Ya' reworked into the unofficial national anthem of 'Straya' (a.k.a Australia). LYRICS: My country don't share no borders 'Cos of all the waters that surround our land Thank god for our resources 'Cos they are the sources of our wealthy land Don't try to find the capital Or fight the animals You're on your own Just drive from town to paradise And you'll see why we call Australia home Straya Straya Straya Straya You think you've got it Oh you think you've got it But have you got a rock where there is nothing at all We get together Oh we get together The weather's always better when there's cricket involved And we believe that mateship is forever We're all mates, we're all mates, we're all mates We're all mates, we're all mates And we're multicultural So why ya why ya Why ya why ya why ya Not living in Australia when you know we are so happy here Straya Straya Straya Straya Alright now fellas Yeah! Now what's cooler than a big cold beer? Ice cold! Shake it [x9] Shake it like a polaroid picture Shake it [x9] Shake it like a polaroid picture Straya Straya Straya Straya ---------------------------------------------------------------- *Please note: This video is a remix/mashup/parody & I do not own the copyright for the music or footage. Instrumental track is from Outkast - Hey Ya (obviously). Lyrics, vocals and video edit by Terry Mann. Original idea by Calvin Teoh. Footage sourced from the videos below: *If one of these is yours and you want a more detailed credit, please contact me. Australia - Land Down Under - 4K IMAX Australia Land Beyond Time 2002 Australia Day 2012- Barbie Girl (Justice Crew v Sam Kekovich v Melissa Tkautz) Australian Open of Surfing BBC Australia with Simon Reeve 3 o 3 Australia The Time Travellers Guide 1of4 The Early Days Australia Day - with Ken Oathcarn [RAP NEWS 11] Video of Outback Australia viewed through map of Australia STRAYA DAY ANTHEM Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning AC-DC - Back In Black (Live - Capital Center, 1981) Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight The Wiggles- Dorothy the Dinosaur The Yolngu zorba - Australian Aboriginal dancers Parliament House of Australia, Canberra, ACT Australia New York City Yellow Cab by night - GoPro on the roof! Around Paris - Time Lapses Crocodile hunter gets hand bitten by...well a crocodile. Classic Cats- Gary Abletts Mark of the Century - extended coverage and context The Sydney Olympics Part 7 Olympic History Netball World Championship FINAL AUS V NZ 2011 OVERTIME Backyard Cricket Highlights 2011 Shane Warne Documentary pt1 Victoria Bitter TV ads 1968-1996 Bob Hawke sinks a beer at the SCG The Handshake Well May We Say Kerry Packer's Political Philosophy Sky News - Interview with Rupert Murdoch World's Richest Woman Calls For Australian Workers To Be Paid $2 A Day CAT 785C Dump Truck at Woodie Woodie mine site, Western Australia Celebration- Massive Flash Mob Sydney Opera House


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