Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2)

Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2). The Indie Games Fest (IGF) is a series of awards, given out to exceptional Indie games! ...At least, that was its original purpose. Learn how Maya Felix Kramer, aka "Legobutts", made sure all of her friends and clients won the awards! Can the gamer+s survive the "Mayan Indiepocalypse"?!? ----- This is a reupload of the original. A bunch more stuff has been added. Special thanks to: CameraLady, Eron, Cyberserker, Maximumtacos, Thidran, temet, z0x80, and RogueStar. ----- INFO DUMP: Mega dump - Silverstring & Media talking about the term 'gamer' -!topic/game-words-incorporated/VxYXZhDqv8I Silverstring and 'gaming is dead' - Maya's former coworker tells all - Zoe & Maya on TFYC - Various screens from websites - Archived Tweets - Flirtation Tweets: Silverstring Media Announcements - Every Single Tweet Involving Legobutts and Brandonnn (I'm Serious) -,smsEhWt,J0crmjE,ZZDT52B,PpZKGHm,HGjmHNh#5


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