This is my declaration of love to basketball. This film was overdue. It was a tremendous ride with wonderful people and a great team. Thank’s to all of you!! EVERYONE IS ON A QUEST WE'VE FOUND WHAT WE’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ON DIRTY PLAYGROUNDS IN HOLE IN THE WALL GYMS AND ON THE BLOCKS BASKETBALL IS BIGGER THAN 94 X 50 AND IT LASTS LONGER THAN 4 X 10 RAIN, SLEET OR SNOW BASKETBALL NEVER STOPS IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM OR IF YOU FIND YOURSELF DOWN BY 20 YOU CAN STILL WIN BY ONE BASKETBALL BRINGS OUT THE KID IN YOU THAT NEVER GETS TIRED BASKETBALL IS THE RHYTHM THAT KEEPS OUR BLOOD FLOWIN' DUNKS AND CROSSOVER KEEP OUR ADRENALIN GOIN' WE CELEBRATE BEING THE FIRST ONE IN THE GYM AND THE LAST ONE TO LEAVE THE COURT WE CELEBRATE EVERY LAYUP AND 3 POINT SHOT THAT STROKES THE NET FOR SOME BASKETBALL IS JUST A GAME FOR US IT MEANS EVERYTHING A big THANK YOU goes out to Paul Gudde who made this all happen!!! Director: Pascal Heiduk Chief Executive Officer: Paul Gudde The Voice: Omar Collington Music: Aldo Sommer Colorist: Xavi Santolaya @Boldbreed The Beatbox: Raphael Williams The Baller: Paul Gudde Omar Collington Kaloyan Topalov Lennart Weichsel Lennart Stohp Alexis-Jayson Cuerdo Appau Sarpong Aaron Jones Jeremiah Lafond Productionhouse: THINK BIG MEDIA EP: Dustin Schöne


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