Anna Kendrick’s Take on Shower Thoughts | Glamour Cover Star

Anna Kendrick’s Take on Shower Thoughts. Taking a cue from Nick Offerman’s deep, meditative shower thoughts, Glamour’s cover star Anna Kendrick shares some seriously philosophical stuff of her own. Based on Reddit’s popular /r/showerthoughts thread. Watch Glamour on The Scene: Subscribe to the all-new Glamour channel here: Visit the Glamour channel for more video: Visit Glamour Videos for more: Connect with Glamour Magazine Online: Visit Follow Glamour on Facebook: Follow Glamour on Google+: Follow Glamour on Twitter: Follow Glamour on Instagram: Follow Glamour on Pinterest: Follow Glamour on Tumblr: Anna Kendrick’s Take on Shower Thoughts | Glamour Cover Star Starring: Anna Kendrick Original score written and performed by Charles Yang Credit goes to Shower Thinkers: user/thejewishgiraffe user/flylikeamouse user/zaketyzak user/drunk_bird user/worthiercaptor user/peanut_crisis user/heavywafflezombie user/titanicman User/old_curley_jefferson User/jtanz0 User/someguysfriend And of course, Anna Kendrick


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