2 Window Washers Rescued From Scaffold At 1 World Trade Center

Two window washers rescued from 69th floor scaffold at 1 World Trade Center. 2 Window Washers Rescued From Scaffold At 1 World Trade Center "Two window washers, who became trapped on scaffolding near the 68th floor of One World Trade Center, have been rescued. The incident began at around 12:45 p.m...More

Air Transparent Soundproof Window 4

Air Transparent Soundproof Window, a window that blocks sound but let air pass trough.. A soundproof window or wall which is transparent to airflow is presented. The design is based on two wave theories of diffraction and acoustic metamaterials.The effectiveness of the soundproof window with airflow...More

Huge wasp nest in my window

Wasps have built a huge nest in my window so that I can observe it safely in cross section - [0:40]. Big wasps are building a huge nest in my window. I can observe its construction in real-time cross-section!

Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

Kitten gets nervous and tries to save owner's had from falling out of the window.. Kitten tries to save owner's hand from falling out of the window

BMW i Window

Get a look into the near future with the BMW i Window, which digitally transforms passing cars in New York City into all-electric BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid BMW i8 Concept vehicles. The high-tech window even calculates CO2 emission reductions and money saved on gas annually if each transformed car we...More

ROAD RAGE guy shatters GTI window CORKYS reaction PRICELESS parenting at its finest

"...parenting at its finest" - 0:15. *Disclaimer*: No children were hurt in the making of this video. No racing occurred either. I think he was the child in the car he was talking about.

Open Window

This is looks like a lot of fun. Joe Irons gives us a look at snowkiting in the northern Rockies.

How the Tesla Model S is Made -- Behind The Scenes -- The Window - Wired

The Tesla Motors factory is amazing. If founder Elon Musk is right, Tesla Motors just might reinvent the American auto industry—with specialized robots building slick electric cars in a factory straight from the future. That's where the battery-powered Model S is born. Subscribe to the all new Wi...More

Caught on camera: racist Australians abuse girl & smash bus window

Racist Australian threatens to kill a French girl for singing on the bus. Disgusting.. Please share if you agree and tell us your own stories. And don't fuel the hate with more hate, just want these guys to feel embarrassed

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