Black & White In Color

One of my biggest pet peeves in art is the lazily-desaturated DSLR video. “Black & White In Color” is my personal response to treating black and white as an editing afterthought. This short video is the culmination of a year and a half of experimentation with black and white textures. Please ...More

President Obama complete remarks at 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

From C-SPAN coverage, President Obama remarks at the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watch the complete video here:

WATCH: Black Man Who Tortures, Kills 2 White Teens Makes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Speech in Court

Black man who tortures, kills two white teens makes ‘Black Lives Matter’ speech in court. VIDEO: Fredrick Young , Black Man Who Tortured, Executed Two White Teens Declares ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Sentencing. Men sentenced to life for murder, torture of Westland teens DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) -...More

Jack White And Robert Plant 2015 !!

LIVE: Lollapalooza 2015

The Unstainable White Shirt

We understand the beauty of the perfect white shirt. For three years since our company’s launch, that has been our focus. We know women everywhere love an elegant white silk blouse, but we also know (first-hand in many cases!) the fear of actually wearing it. Between making breakfast for the kids ...More

My White Jamaican Dad (Original)

White man speaking Jamaican.. I interview my dad! Click on the CC button to see captions of what my dad is saying translated into English! Links! Check out my Facebook page: Tweet me:!/Kellso Edit: Some people have a...More


"white knight" documentary on global warming - HD trailer. directed by Aarti Shrivastava. producesd by Hari Om Entertenment [akshay kumar] the documentary is about Leh based Chewang Norphel and his innovative idea of making artificial glaciers to conserve water for those living in high altitude are...More

Riding the White Line

Rider Michal Kollbek ridding the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Filmed by Marshall Mullen


Baltimore "Beat It" Dancer's thoughts on oppression and The White Man. Hi my name is Dimitri Reeves and im here to inform you that the white man does not exist

Dad Works Hard "White Shoes" OFFICIAL VIDEO

The 3 most ridiculous people I've ever met formed a band and made a music video and this is the result. Portland Oregon's own Dad Work's Hard coming in hot with their first video entitled "White Shoes." Voted best new band in PDX by The Gregg Williams Foundation and winner of the coveted Gregg Willi...More

Wooden Boat Building - White oak vs Red oak with Louis Sauzedde

Master shipwright explains the difference between White Oak and Red Oak. Shipwright Louis Sauzedde shows you how to tell the difference between white oak and red oak for proper wooden boat building. Produced by Fish Hawk Films. Watch more at and http://www...More

White Privilege Is Dead

White Privilege Is Dead. via YouTube Capture

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