What Makes Star Wars STAR WARS?

Time asked me and Nate De Young to make a little video about Star Wars in anticipation of The Force Awakens. Here it is.

What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren't around

What actually happens when gay guys see other gay guys and straight people aren't around. This rare, never before seen video documents the secret interactions of gay men that only take place when there are no straight people present.

What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?

What makes a person believe that he visited heaven? Is there a way for science to get at what’s really going on? In the April 2015 issue of the Atlantic, Gideon Lichfield mounts an empirical investigation of near-death experiences, concluding that more rigorous research must be pursued to understa...More

What Really Happens at Coachella | Gentlemen Lobsters

What Really Happens at Coachella | Gentlemen Lobsters. CamelBak? Check. Transition tank? Check. Sun’s out, guns out? Double check. Garrett and Quinn head to Coachella to watch Drake perform, but things get awkward when they witness a beer-bong-gone-bad. Watch GQ on The Scene: http://thescene.com...More

What do machines sing of?

"What do machines sing of?" is a fully automated machine, which endlessly sings number-one ballads from the 1990s. As the computer program performs these emotionally loaded songs, it attempts to apply the appropriate human sentiments. This behavior of the device seems to reflect a desire, on the pa...More

What is the Armenian Genocide?

What is the Armenian Genocide?. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the genocide. Over a century of denial about the events which took place. History can never be revised to suit the needs of some. We learn from our past, so we can have a better future. It's not alternate history, but...More

Right to repair bill; why you should care and what you need to do.

Right to repair bill; why you should care and what you need to do.. Here I discuss the importance of supporting new legislation that protects your right to repair products you purchase, and our right to repair products for you as a third party service center. http://newyork.digitalrighttorepair.org...More

What Animal picks up when you dial 911?

Got a phone toy for my kid. What happens when you dial 911 on it?.

And this is what bullying does to people...

This is what Bullying does to kids when School Administration turns blind eye.

What if Man of Steel was IN COLOR?

VideoLab attempts to turn back time and restore the natural color & brightness in shots from DC's Man of Steel. Turns out there was a beautiful Zack Snyder movie hiding underneath the bleak coloring. Would Man of Steel have been more successful at the box office if it wasn't colored like Schind...More

What if Pixar Made Furious 7? - IGN Original

Check out Vin Diesel as a rusty old tow truck who puts family first in this trailer mashup.

What You Wish Would Happen on Game of Thrones (Part 2)

Your Game of Thrones wishes brought to life -- just in time for George Martin to kill them. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com Subscribe to our new c...More

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