VIEW FROM THE OVERLOOK: Crafting The Shining (30 min) Directed by Gary Leva

In 1966, Stanley Kubrick mused to a friend about his desire to make "the world's scariest movie." In 1980, he did it.

Anti #GamerGate's Simplistic View of the Gaming World - and Gaming Journalists aren't Helping

"It's social justice nowadays, but we used to have another word for it. We used to call it discrimination.". At is a song for the gaming journalists who haven't defended gamers from the hateful stereotyping that has been directed at them by people...More

BEST FREESTYLE EVER Maximum Destruction Orlando 2012 INSANE **BEST VIEW** Monster Jam

I'm not usually a monster truck fan, but damn. This is amazing!. Easily one of the greatest freestyles the Citrus Bowl has ever seen.

Poaching an Egg Under Water View - GoPro

Cool Footage of an egg being poached under water. Just thought this footage could be a cool short video on it's own :) Shot on a GoPro camera, nearly broke it but it held together long enough to capture the footage :)

Why is 301 used in YouTube for view count? - Big Questions - (Ep. 28)

A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, Aldrym Gamatero asked, "Why is 301 used in YouTube for view count?" -- Numberphile video: Mental Floss Video on Twitter: Select Images and Foo...More

An Astronaut's View of Earth

An Astronaut's View of Earth with Col. Chris Hadfield. What it's like to see the Earth from orbit. Special thanks to Col. Chris Hadfield for chatting with me. Space imagery courtesy of NASA and the ESA Music ...More

Driving RC Car with First Person View

Guy creeps out neighbors with an RC car equipped with a camera and speaker from his room.. Website: Main Channel: Shirts: Facebook: Twit...More

Cosmo's view of Jay and Siobhan's 1st wedding anniversary

2 years ago I tied a GoPro to my dogs collar and let her loose at my brothers wedding anniversary. I discovered she never stops eating.... This is what dogs get up to at parties. GoPro2 attached to Cosmo's collar. She didn't even seem to notice it was there.

Better Call Saul // Point of View

Music: Concerto for String in G, "Alla Rustica".

A Rare View From Inside ISIS Controlled Kobani

On October 31, 2014, we crossed into Kobani, Syria. An estimated 8,000 ISIS fighters pushed into the city in late September, causing upwards of 200,000 civilians to flee to neighboring Turkey. We were some of the first journalists in as hundreds of Free Syrian Army and Iraqi Peshmerga soldiers joine...More

A mechanic's point of view in the Vuelta!

A bicycle mechanic's point of view in the 2014 Vuelta de España. ▶ Presented by: Get a unique insight of the Vuelta as you ride along with one of the neutral service motorcycles. See how our mechanics help out some unlucky riders.

Oprah Winfrey - Barbara Walters - Final Show As Co-Host - The View

Oprah Winfrey - Barbara Walters - Final Show As Co-Host - The View Website: Twitter:

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