Too Many Kings - A Game of Thrones version of Too Many Cooks

Enjoy Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks set to clips from Game of Thrones. MASSIVE SPOILERS into season 5 - don't watch if you aren't caught up! I do not claim ownership over any clips from Game of Thrones, which is owned by HBO, or Too Many Cooks, which was created by the Adult Swim Network. This vide...More

Korn-Falling Away From Me(Smooth Jazz Version)

First featured at Metal Injection! Recorded and Produced at Endless Noise Music was arranged and performed by me. YouTube does not pay me anything, so please help me make more music! -


Weeaboo. send this to all your pathetic weeaboo friends and shame them into the next dimension you can help support the show by buying it for a dollar here or if you want it for free just use a youtube to mp3 converter because im too lazy to make a l...More

Thug Life: Judge Judy (re-edit version)

Thug Life: Judge Judy. Like the Thug Life Channel on Facebook!

Maddox: Wage gap myth - censored version

Maddox: Wage gap myth - censored version. All credit goes to Maddox. Took me 1000 hours in sony vegas. Link to the article: And the original uncensored video:

Digital Underground | The Humpty Dance | Muppets Version

The Muppets perform their version of the Digital Undergound classic, “The Humpty Dance.” Starring Gonzo as Shock G, featuring the chickens on backup vocals. Video by Mylo the Cat, aka the guy who did the Beastie Boys/Muppets mashup. Follow me on Social Media - Facebook - http://www.facebook....More

System of a Goat - Chop Suey (Tongue Flapping Version)

System of a Goat. System of a Down. Chop Suey. Goatified for your pleasure.

Disbelief as container ship heads straight to shore (full version) Hong Kong April 6, 2014

Fully loaded container ship dropping anchor before hitting shore. Hong Kong residents can't believe their eyes as a giant ship heads straight towards university sports grounds. Copyright: Corinne Vigniel/ To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Polish Prince Challenges Nigel Farage to a Duel 01 04 15 - English version

Polish Prince challenges Nigel Farage (UKIP Leader) to sword duel. KSIĄŻĘ JAN ŻYLIŃSKI WZYWA NIGEL’A FARAGE NA POJEDYNEK Please also look at "7 reasons why the British should love the Poles" Contact: or English versi...More

VW Golf Mk1 1056HP vs Yamaha R1 182HP street race Full Version CMIYC#1

VW Golf Mk1 1056HP vs Yamaha R1 182HP street race. VW Golf MK1 4Motion 1056HP & 1001Nm street car 2.0L 16V Turbo ABF engine. GTX4202R turbocharger. CNC-cylinder head from NG-Motorsports. KMS ECU mapping by Boba-Motoring Facebook/BobaMotoring

Alaska Thug Life - Bear (HQ VERSION)

Watch this guy slap a bear and continue living. Now in HQ. Like the Thug Life Channel on Facebook now!

Long Night - Kanye West - [Kreezus] Explicit Version

Kreezus (or Kris Kreezus - Tiz the Reazus for the Seazus) written and produced by Local Business Comedy. Long Night written by Nick Gligor. Producer Jason Smith. Produced and Mixed by Alec Sherrie Recorded at Seaward Studios and Starburns Industries. Vocals by Carl Tart. Download here: http://www...More

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