"Rogue One Melded" to "A New Hope" v.2

Here's the second version - I modified the music mix and added a "leaving hyperspace" sound effect.

SpaceX Dragon V2 | Unveil Event

Our newest spaceship unveiled - Space X Dragon V2 - The inside looks like alien technology.

Photo-realistic Human Eye V2

Just finished rendering this, turned out pretty neat!. Got some great feedback and applied it - this is about as far as I'll go with this, I think. The reflections need to be toned down some, eyelashes still need work, etc. My biggest issue was eyes looking too fake in renders, and I think I've re...More

Augmented Hand Series (v.2), Live Screen Recordings

The "Augmented Hand Series" (by Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald, 2013-2015) is a real-time, interactive software system that presents playful, dreamlike, and uncanny transformations of its visitors' hands. Complete information is at http://www.flong.com/projects/augmented-hand-series/. ...More

Waffle Falling Over V2

Waffle Falling Over [FIXED]. I don't know. Original is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDj72zqZakE Thanks, schnooleheletteletto.

Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2)

Indie-fensible! - The Maya "Legobutts" Kramer Story! (v2). The Indie Games Fest (IGF) is a series of awards, given out to exceptional Indie games! ...At least, that was its original purpose. Learn how Maya Felix Kramer, aka "Legobutts", made sure all of her friends and clients won the aw...More

ตอกเสาเข็มจังหวะ 3ช่า v.2

Thai Pile Hammer. เข้าใจทำ

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