Secrets From The Recycling Plant: How A Used Bottle Becomes A New Bottle

We go inside a recycling plant and a bottle factory to see the technology that turns used glass into new bottles. For more, see the story with animated GIFs on our blog:

12 Hypnotic Animation Tricks Used By Disney's Legendary Artists.

12 Hypnotic Animation Tricks Used By Disney's Legendary Artists.. 12 Hypnotic Animation Tricks Used By Disney's Legendary Artists.

7 Propaganda Techniques Used on You Every Day

If you're like most people, you're surrounded by advertisements, commercials, social media and more every day of your life. And much of it is one form of propaganda or another -- but how can you tell? What are the common techniques propagandists use to sell you everything from a soda to a war? Subs...More

If Maxi Pad Ads Used Red Instead of Blue: a COMMERCIAL PARODY

If Maxi Pad Ads Used Red Instead of Blue. Finally, an answer to the age old question - what if maxi pad ads used red instead of blue? SUBSCRIBE: Director: Emily Towers Writer: Emily Towers Featuring: Madeline Walter Chris Fontakis Producers: Jacki Merchant David...More

Why is 301 used in YouTube for view count? - Big Questions - (Ep. 28)

A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, Aldrym Gamatero asked, "Why is 301 used in YouTube for view count?" -- Numberphile video: Mental Floss Video on Twitter: Select Images and Foo...More

We Used to be Friends - Ep. 1

Forget Netflix. Watch all the episodes of Friends Season 1 simultaneously!. Simultaneously experience every episode from Season 1 of the sitcom 'Friends'.

You've Never Used a Balloon Like This Before...

You've Never Used a Balloon Like This Before.... Imagine walking into a room to see your Japanese friends doing this... To celebrate their friend's upcoming wedding, a few guys got together and combined a leaf blower, a balloon and some serious ambition; this was the surprising result of that winni...More

Ethan Smith - "A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be"

Spoken word by Ethan Smith Video by Jonathan Mendoza

Nkosana Mdikane used to be Scotland's happiest lollipop man

C'mon, man, just let this dude high five the kids.. But the 74-year-old has now been banned from dancing with his giant lollipop and giving school kids high fives. Nkosana, of Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, has brightened up the mornings of hundreds of school kids and adults since taking up his job...More

2014: How We Used Slow Motion

Support The Nerdwriter: This is a FREE Patreon video. For patrons, you will not be charged for this video. This is just a bit of fun for the holidays. Enjoy! Clips, in order: Hercules Guardians of the Galaxy 22 Jump Street Taylor Swift. "Blank Space" video Wish...More

Things Our Bodies Used To Have

We could have had tails this whole time?! Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on Twitter: MUSIC Fun House Warner / Chappell Production Music Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc. Used with Permission ...More

Auction 52 japanese used cars swept away in storm marine ship

Shouldn't they...I don't know...maybe chain those down?. A total of 64 cars were aboard cargo ship Astongate traveling from Toyama, Japan, to Vladivostok, Russia. After the storm hit the ship -- 52 of them ended up at the bottom of the sea. Whoever bought those cars signed a document allowing the ca...More

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