Ready for the USA

I am hitchBOT — a hitchhiking robot from Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. On July 17, 2015, I am shining my wellies to start my hitchhiking adventure across the USA. My journey starts at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, Massachusetts. From there, I hope to complete items from my hitchh...More

World Cup 2014 - USA vs. Ghana American National Anthem in Natal, Brazil (Star Spangled Banner)

Fans sing the Star Spangled Banner before the USA vs Ghana game at the World Cup. How the National Anthem should be sung. No recording artist needed.. A clip of the playing of the American national anthem (Star Spangled Banner) before the World Cup match between USA and Ghana during the group stage ...More

Top Gear Clip - Taking it to 55mph (S19E02 Western USA Road Trip)

Top Gear obeys the speed limit in the US. Jeremy, James, and Richard take their cars up to "55mph" in the new Top Gear. All copyrights their respective owners. Top Gear channel:

USA vs NSA Animation

Animation and Modeling by Reddit User Sqorck [Me] Concept sketch by Reddit User SexualWeasel Animation Idea Breakdown by Reddit User Greyhaven7 Storyboard by Reddit User joystick354 Feel free to share this video around, it was designed to be a fun conversation starter. Make p...More


Medieval combat world championship Malbork 2015 (Poland vs USA).

Innkjøp USA

Watching a random girl you can't understand partII. The audio is working, wohoo

Driver Fails at Low Bridge U-Turn - USA Truck

As a truck driver myself, this just kills me inside.. Swift driver knows what to do: Driver attempts a U-Turn instead of backing out from a low bridge situation. This folks is why you don't depend solely on your GPS! Why on earth would you do this to the ...More

Человеку плохо / Russia vs. USA Experiment

Social experiment compares how Russia and the United States treat an ill man on the street. Помогут ли прохожие незнакомому человеку, которому неожиданно стало плохо? Будет ли отличаться реакция русских л...More

Volker Pispers about USA (english subtitles)

German comedian about the USA.... Funny but true :( If you LIKE the video this means more people will see it.

Red Bull Rampage 2012 USA Full Recap

Red Bull Rampage 2013 takes place tomorrow, here are some of last year's highlights. Get Red Bull Rampage 2012 on iTunes: Red Bull Rampage - unforgiving, scary, treacherous - and the best event of the year for freeride mountain bikers. From the building to the buildup, watch what...More

Volkswagen Feeling Carefree Commercial | VW USA

Hilarious New Volkswagen commercial.. "Is that me? Was I singing?" Not paying for scheduled maintenance feels pretty good. No-charge scheduled maintenance, now on every new Volkswagen.* *For 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first. 2014 models. Some restrictions app...More

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