Bristol University Antweight Robot Wars 2

Bristol University Students recreate Robot Wars with miniature robots. BEEES (Bristol university Electrical and Electronic Engineering Society) hosted a recreation of the Robot Wars TV show in antweight form on 6th March 2015. 16 Teams battled it out for victory! Here are most of the battles includi...More

Mark Zuckerberg - Speaking Mandarin (Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing) HD

Mark Zuckerberg goes full Mandarin; surprising the audience while speaking at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Mark Zuckerberg - Speaking Mandarin (Q&A in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing) October 22, 2014. Mark Zuckerberg speaking Mandarin fluently - Full Version - Full Interview Mark Z...More

The Ohio State University Marching Band September 27 halftime show: The Wizard of Oz

Ohio State's marching band performs during the Sept. 27 Buckeyes game versus Cincinnati. Theme: The Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz Show: Drill Design: Christopher Hoch Music Arrangements: Ken McCoy Percussion Arrangements: Mark Reynolds Director: Russel Mikkelson

Old School English Utah State University

70 year old english professor beats 19 year old student at arm wrestling.. Old school English

University Challenge - Quick Answer

Contestant answers question ridiculously fast.. University Challenge S44E28 Magdalen - Oxford VS Trinity - Cambridge

Nelson Hughes Catches Own Pass For A Touchdown (North Greenville University vs Mars Hill University)

College QB catches own pass and takes it all the way for a touchdown. Right from crusaderathletics NGU quarterback Nelson Hughes picks up a passing and receiving touchdown in the same play, returning a batted ball 42 yards for a touchdown against Mars Hill University! North Greenville quarterback ...More

David Mitchell gets serious about University Fees

David Mitchell gets serious about University Fees. David Mitchell tells it how it is in this episode, what it was like in university for him and why he doesn't think the university system is fair right now. Back Story by David Mitchell | Paperback 2013 Buy Back Story: Paperback Amazon: http://amzn...More

Iowa State University Riot in Ames, Iowa for Veisha

The student at Iowa State University are currently rioting for their annual week-long party called "Veisha" and are bringing down street lights.. Rioting in Ames, Iowa for Iowa State University annual week-long party "Veisha"

Keegan-Michael Key Interview at Chapman University

Keegan-Michael "Key" On Networking. Actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key gives advice to Chapman students while leading a workshop for Professor Theresa Dudeck's "Impro for Actors."

Incredible paternoster adventure at the University of Essex Albert Sloman library

My university's elevator has no doors and never stops moving.. A journey.

Lyndon B. Johnson-Remarks at the Howard University Commencement (June 4, 1965)

The President praises the progress made in civil rights, while asking citizens to address other serious problems in America. Johnson particularly discusses the economic gulf between blacks and whites, the persistent injustices in America, and the breakdown of the family as serious challenges to the ...More

EveRy University

Sad but true. Nothing like the feeling of graduating college with a six-figure debt load and getting a job that pays half of what one year of said college costs. If university commercials were this honest, you might have saved yourself a lot of trouble.

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