How To Make an Underwater Air Bubble Room -22ft

Guy makes an underwater air bubble room that takes him 22 feet below the surface. Bubble in USE : diy Xenon Underwater torch : Stay tuned on my Facebook

Underwater Multicopter

Underwater Multicopter. First test of a fully submersible multicopter. Under development by EZDrone. This is the first test of many to come from a small quad to larger multicopter. Next test will be the EZDrone CinePro Surf. We are developing a system for over water use in Photography/Videograph...More

Shareable Science - Nokia Mission 31: Cracking an egg underwater

What happens when you crack an egg underwater?. Shareable Science -- Nokia Mission 31: Cracking an egg underwater See more:

Swimming Underwater Girls Full HD 1080p Edit Version

4 minutes of girls swimming underwater. Just... watch.. Swimming Underwater Girls

Hippos running underwater

Hippos running underwater. I never realized how cute baby hippos were.. Hippos at CPH Zoo running. Beatiful jumb by the baby hippo while trying to reach mom's back!

Underwater bulldozer Komatsu D155W

Underwater bulldozers repairing a harbor in Japan.. D155W had restored harbor damaged by the tsunami in Iwate prefecture, Japan.

Underwater Visitor

I too attached a GoPro to my crab trap. We got a curious visit from someone unexpected.. My Dad, my little brother, and I were crabbing at the Nanaimo Fishing Pier on January 2nd, 2014 when I decided to attach my GoPro to my trap on the last toss. My brother threw the trap and we were surprised and ...More

R/C Plane Crashes into the Sea. Underwater Scenes.

R/C Plane Crashes into the Sea. Underwater Scenes.. A sunny afternoon flying my electric powered plane ends in disaster when I become disorientated from the glare from the sun. All ends well after the plane is recovered with my GoPro 3+ Black Edition.

Sony Xperia Z3 underwater unboxing

Sony Xperia Z3 underwater unboxing. The Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof. And what better way to test that than take it out of its box for the first time while under water? So that's what we did. We dived into a pool with a brand new Xperia Z3 to prove that it's waterproof while showing you exactly wha...More

He is living underwater for how long?

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, will attempt to spend a month living beneath the sea.

Underwater Basketweaving with Phineas Dunne

Coursera's newest course... Underwater basket weaving?!. The course Underwater Basketweaving by Phineas Dunne from Ersuraco will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platform. Sign up at

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