Player Two

Based on a YouTube comment by 00WARTHERAPY00: ------ Featuring Zac Pullam Directed by John Wikstrom Cinematography by Idan Menin Steadicam Operator - Benjamin Verhulst Gaffer - Jacob Abrams Colorist - Dillon Novak Edited and Produced by John Wikstrom Special Thanks: Luke...More

One if by Pee Two if by Sea

Charlie LeDuff is back again, reporting on the Californian water crisis. As you have probably heard - California is suffering from the worst drought in its history. It's so bad - that earlier this month the Governor made cutting back on water mandatory. If California doesn't get rain soon - and a ...More

Dog stops two skiers to get some very important assistance

Dog stops skiers on the slopes to play fetch with him. Dog stops two skiers on the slope in Leukerbad / Switzerland to play with him. This little dog is very cute and knows exactly how humans interact - so he can manipulate them to play with him, even when these people are strangers to him. http://...More

Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue - see what happens next and please share.

To make a small donation and help us save more lives, please visit: To adopt Aurora & Anna, please visit: If you are blocked from watching this video, please click here: This rescue was much harder than it shows... g...More

Two Axis Dolly & Children of Men: Behind the Scenes

See how one of the most iconic shots in cinema was accomplished using Doggicam's Two Axis Dolly. For more information about our equipment, visit our site --

Two Gymnasts Play The Greatest Game Of Seesaw Ever

Two Gymnasts Play The Greatest Game Of Seesaw Ever. Two Gymnasts Play The Greatest Game Of Seesaw Ever

Epic jump over two motorcycles (Original) 110 km/h

Warning. Never try this at home. Al the jumper. Stunt man. Daredevil. Professional athlete. Dedicated to reach my goal, to follow my dreams. And to hold two Guinness World Rekords. One that I just broke, and and the other one, is when I jump over two cars. So everything before, is just my résum...More

Reza Aslan killed these two "journalists" - Does ISLAM Promote Violence?

Reza Aslan destroys 2 CNN journalists. You need to watch this! Reza Aslan killed these two "journalists". They weren't able to salvage a shred of dignity because they are simply stupid, ill-informed, racist. Party on CNN!

Жестокая битва за коробку/When two cats and one box

When two cats and one box. Когда 2 кота и одна коробка/When two cats and one box

Two New Magnetic Toys

Neato. Firstly, we have an example of diamagnetic levitation. Diamagnetic materials are repelled by both the north and the south pole of a regular magnet. However the effect is a very weak one. Water is diamagnetic, and also a substance called pyrolytic graphite, which we show here. With a small2 x...More

Downton Abbey for Text Santa - part two

Watch the second part of our special Downton Abbey sketch for Text Santa, with special guest stars including George Clooney. Donate to Text Santa at

Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones)

In which Hank wants to make it very clear that you really should vote if you can. Are you registered? RockTheVote State-by-State Voter Information: RockTheVote FAQ:

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