Eclipse - Salomon Freeski TV S9 E03

GO BEHIND THE SCENES ON THE INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA FEATURE AT WINNER 'Best Snow Sports Film' at the 2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival It was a ridiculous idea from the start. Travel to the edge of the earth to see one of the planet’s rarest...More

The Girl on TV

The Girl on TV - SexuaLobster. Download or listen to the song: Im in love with the girl on tv She sparkles like an angel She smiles just for me And though women try to tempt me They need to understand that I'm a taken man My heart belongs to a...More

Güldür Güldür Hunharca Gülen Adam Show TV [HD] 720p

Guy's laugh is so good he steals the comedy show he is watching (x-post /r/ContagiousLaughter). FACEBOOK SAYFAMIZ DESTEK Güldür Güldür Değişik Gülen Adam Show Tv 7de7 Programında: Motorunu Arıyor: http://...More

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe: Every TV news report on the economy in one

It's the economy stupid.. Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe: Every TV news report on the economy in one, courtesy of generic reporter Emily Surname

CZAPPA: A Conversation on Art and TV Repair

Bill Czappa is a television repairman, however his real passion is sculpture based on found objects. Bill's repair shop doubles as his gallery and supplies materials to build his art, but as consumers are more inclined to replace electronics rather than repair, Bill reassesses the expense of his cre...More

Don't Take the High Road - Colorado's Department of Transportation TV Commercial Ad

Colorado's new "Don't take the high road" anti-high driving commercials are pretty awesome. Category: Public interest Geo: United States Colorado's Department of Transportation: Don't Take the High Road, BBQ Production Company: HSI, USA by Hsi advertising agency for brand: Colorado's Depar...More

Last Minutes Of ATR Crimean Tatar TV Channel

The Last 2 Minutes Of The Crimean Tatar TV Channel Before ATR Was Taken Off The Air. “Crimean Tatars have been through worse. Our people survived Stalin. Surely we will be able to live through the current problems. We will and we will survive. And we will continue to build our home on our land”,...More

Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey Make A Local TV Commercial for Vulcan Video

Before our trip to Austin, Jimmy posted a tweet asking for any local business that might want him to help them produce a TV commercial. He decided on beloved local video store Vulcan Video and enlisted the help of a certain Texan movie star. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL:

Guy tries to jump over a fence on LIVE TV

Guy embarasses himself on LIVE TV. Many people would do stupid things just to see their face on TV, it's a sense of accomplishment if pulled out well, however, some people fail miserably and appear on TV, just not the way they imagined. A minute of silence for the fallen brother.

TV Interview Interrupted by Explosion and Flying Manhole (Exploding Cover) | Buffalo, NY | VIDEO

Manhole cover launches into the sky after an explosion. Credits: WGRZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TV Interview Interrupted by Explosion and Flying Manhole (Exploding Cover) | Buffalo, NY | VIDEO A news crew filmed more than they expected when an ...More

Game of Brands: TV Ads for a Modern Day Game of Thrones

All clips from All music from Check out the blog post associated with this video here: For all of the clips used in these videos, check out the Game of Brands cli...More

HYPEBEAST TV: Sneakers Legit Check

Get the latest from HYPEBEAST TV by hitting the SUBSCRIBE button! For many years, the sneaker market has been awash with replicas, or more commonly referred to as “fakes.” It has been increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real and what is not to even the most discerning eye with how goo...More

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