The Inconvenient Truth about Modern Gaming - DLC, Microtransactions

The Inconvenient Truth about Modern Gaming - DLC, Microtransactions. In this video we take a look at modern day gaming. All of the Downloadable content, Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, and all of the other bullcrap that's happening in this generation of both console and pc games. Is 60 dollars too m...More

Truth or Drink (Parents & Kids) - Episode 1: Full Video

Check out this parental follow up to our Truth or Drink series! For licensing and media inquiries: Produced, Directed, and Edited by Talent Brian & Eugenie David & Paula Rafael & Bong Madison & Craig Leslie & Bonnie Tyler & Lynn Donald & Sun Erika ...More

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink's talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. Watch the full lecture here: Find out more about th...More

The Real Truth Behind Monster Energy

The Real Truth Behind Monster Energy. This video is a response to "MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN". It will show you who's really behind Monster Energy. This video was inspired by this comment:

Truth About Vaping - Episode 1 "Why They Hate Us"

Truth About Vaping. Revealing the real motivation behind the California Department of Public Health's attack campaign on vaping called Still Blowing Smoke. The view more of the TRUTH visit Follow Calls to Action on and

What Came Before, featuring Steve-O: The Truth About Meat and Modern Farms

Not a Jackass anymore - Steve-O has cleaned up his life and filmed this awesome video exposing factory farming - [11:09]. Watch the video that will change your life! TV and movie star Steve-O introduces you to someone you'll never forget. See the incredible rescue, and the shocking reality of what c...More

The Legal Truth Part 1 - How Do You Get A Gun In Canada???

Getting a gun in Canada. Here are some links and info: In fact, Vancouver police report that 97% of firearms seized in 2003 were illegal guns smuggled in from the United States, usually by organized crime. Canada's National W...More

Feminism vs. Truth

Feminism vs. Truth. Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. They advocate this falsehood through victim mentality propaganda and misleading statistics, such as the gender wage gap myth. In five minutes, American Enterprise Institute's Christina H...More

The Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

The Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad. Subscribe

Truth or Drink - The Full Video

Just in time for Valentine's Day, couples get honest and a little tipsy playing a game of truth or drink. For licensing and media inquiries: Produced, Directed, and Edited by Director of Photography: Brian Liepe Audio: Eric Soma Makeup: Sable Desireè Production Assistant: Je...More

Megatron Speaks the Truth

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing@jukinmediadotcom

An Inconvenient Truth (2/10) Movie CLIP - None Like it Hot (2006) HD

An Inconvenient Truth Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe A cartoon demonstration of the effects of greenhouse gases on earth. TM & © Paramount (2012) Cast: Al Gore Director: Davis Guggenheim MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join...More

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