Air Transparent Soundproof Window 4

Air Transparent Soundproof Window, a window that blocks sound but let air pass trough.. A soundproof window or wall which is transparent to airflow is presented. The design is based on two wave theories of diffraction and acoustic metamaterials.The effectiveness of the soundproof window with airflow...More

Why is Glass Transparent?

It might seem like a silly question since we encounter glass every day — in fact, some of you are probably reading this through a layer of glass (or two) right now. But why

Transparent - Season One Look Ahead

One family. No Apologies. Stream all episodes of Transparent only on Amazon Prime 9/26. Follow Us: Music: Vance Joy "Mess Is Mine" From the album Dream Your Life Away

Welcome to transparent banking

Refreshing to see an honest commercial. Mannen i filmen har ingenting med våre produkter å gjøre. Han er bare et gjennomsiktig forsøk på å få deg til å oppdage oss. Velkommen til en mer transparent bank.

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