The Netflix Watch - Experience Total Freedom - Coming Soon

Experience total freedom with the all new Netflix Watch. Now you can view your favorite Netflix Originals directly from your wrist. Not only do you get a clear picture, quality streaming and your favorite shows and movies but it also isn't THAT inconvenient. So for a relaxing time, make it a Netflix...More

Hot Pepper Fire Sale - Total War: Rome II

A guy who worked on Total War: Rome II tries to convince you to buy his game (directly after eating a super spicy pepper). A bunch of people have been asking us to review their games since our channel started. We told them that they could try to sell it themselves... as long as they ate a hot pepper...More

Whirlpool Front Load Washer Total Carnage - Runaway Drum Assembly

Party Hard Washing Machine. Oww... I made a mess!. full version to come later when I edit and encode it. Concrete counter weights were removed from outer drum unit, and a few other mods applied to keep it together long enough. Machine was donated by one of Dad's friends, who happens to be a fan of...More

Total Recall Trailer 2

Another look at Colin Farrell's reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic.

Total Resistance and Current on a Parallel Circuit

This kid is going places. Wow.. @5 Miko is able to calculate for Total Resistance, Current and Voltage on a Parallel Circuit.

Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train

Two Total Strangers Have Saxophone Battle On NYC Subway Train.

CAMP 14 - TOTAL CONTROL ZONE Trailer | TIFF Festival 2012

CAMP 14 is a North Korean "re-educational facility" and labor prison. Shin Dong-hyuk is the only known individual to have escaped and survived to tell the tale. This is a trailer for a documentary on his story..

Russia - Finland WC 2014 GAME WAS A TOTAL FIASCO. SEE WHY.

Finland - Russia Ice-hockey final was a total referee-fiasco.. This game was a huge fiasco. Fair referees? Fair game? This is what you call fair play? The second clip was supposed to be a video of Denis Denisov tackling Jormakka, but i accidently took the clip from a game, which was played 1 we...More

Christina Bianco Diva Impressions 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' (as Adele & more!)

One of the best vocal impressionists I've ever seen singing 'Total Eclipse...' as 19 different singers.. Christina Bianco sings 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' as Adele and 18 other divas, live at 54 Below. Twitter - @XtinaBianco1 Website -

Total Cat Immersion

Missing her companion at home, Seattle Children's Hospital gave one cat-loving patient an extra dose of kitty cheer by surrounding her with 3,000 pictures of Facebook felines, complete with the soothing sound of purrs.

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