Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties

Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties. November 18, 2014, leafs vs nashville predators. The mic cut out partway through the us national anthem and the Canadian fans took it from there!

New Toronto restaurant staffed with deaf waiters

Signs, a new restaurant in Toronto, is staffed with Deaf waiters. Every diner here is encouraged to order in sign language. No need to worry if you are sign language illiterate, everyone gets a sign language cheat sheet.. Ioanna Roumeliotis visits Signs, Canada's first restaurant staffed with deaf w...More

420 Toronto 2014 Yonge Dundas Square

13000 people celebrating 420 downtown Toronto. Watch as Toronto smokes out Yonge Dundas Square.

Snowplows Clearing Highway 401 in Toronto

Canadians don't fuck around when it comes to snow removal. View from my condo window at Yonge/401 watching the snowplows clear the highway. Wish I didn't have the radio on or you would hear the loud sound, almost like a close airplane, as they clear the highway lanes. (Song: "You and I" by Anjulie...More


Joe Goes To CANADA: TORONTO & NIAGARA FALLS. I interview people in Toronto & Niagara Falls, and chug maple syrup. Next Wednesday: Joe Goes To CANADA: MONTREAL SUBSCRIBE: Watch more "Joe Goes" - New videos every Wednesday. Some will be classics. Sho...More

CityTv Toronto airs inappropriate language

F*ck her Right in the P*ssy - aired live (and not fake). CityTv Toronto airs inappropriate language

Air Canada baggage fail 20 ft bag toss in Toronto

Air Canada 20 ft baggage toss. Pearson Airport.. Baggage handlers at Pearson International in Toronto toss carry-on luggage that had to be gate checked on overcrowded plane from top of jetway. For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Roger Federer 'Tweener Hot Shot & More, Toronto 2014

Federer not giving a fuck. We've seen the #Federer 'tweener before, but not what comes next... Watch the Rogers Cup final live online Sunday at

What Pride Means To Us: WorldPride 2014 Toronto

Check out to join the celebration and learn more about WorldPride. WorldPride 2014 is coming to Toronto THIS summer. June 20-29, 2014. And we can't wait! This international ten-day celebration of global LGBTTIQQ2SA communities will be the first WorldPride ever he...More

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Enjoys Epic Snow Fall

Toronto Zoo just posted this video of their giant panda playing in the giant snowfall we got yesterday [0:46]. While the Toronto Zoo closed early on February 5th, 2014, due to the record-breaking snow fall, our giant panda Da Mao sure seemed to enjoy himself. Watch what security cameras caught him d...More

Toronto Broken Red light -Traffic handled by young man

Toronto man directs traffic after the lights go out at a large intersection until the police show.. Toronto Broken red light - handled Artur 21 years old Friday April 27 during rush hour - around 4:00 pm Dufferin and Steels watch the link below, to see the difference ....:D video by: Hafez Safavi ...More

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