Fiber optic cables: How they work

Fiber optic cables: How they work. Bill uses a bucket of propylene glycol to show how a fiber optic cable works and how engineers send signal across oceans. More info at You can translate captions at

Before They Were Famous: The Walking Dead

Screen Junkies approved! Watch feature-length movies for free on Break ►► Become a Screen Junkie! ►► Watch more Honest Trailers ►► Before The Walking Dead chops the head off of season 5, check out som...More

How Can They Fly Into Hurricanes?

A cool graphic from the Weather Channel that shows why planes can fly in Hurricanes but not Thunderstorms. Why can the Hurricane Hunters fly into a hurricane but not a thunderstorm?

16 Photos That Aren’t What They Seem

Hold on to your screen. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC “Quirky Moments” Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. BASED ON THIS BUZZFEED POST: GET MORE BUZ...More

#BaltimoreRiots: National Guard Deployed, Firefighter fears they can't handle worse fires

BaltimoreRiots: National Guard Deployed, interviewed Firefighter fears they can't handle worse fires. We spoke with the president of a local Firefighters union. He fears that if the fires get worse they don't know if they can handle it. Twitter - Facebook - http://bit.l...More

They Might Be Giants - I Can Help The Next In Line (Dial-A-Song Week 9)

Dial-A-Song Week 9! Video directed by Alex Italics. SUPPORT THIS PROJECT! iTunes: Amazon: or get Dial-A-Song Direct at I can help the next in line Have you been with us before? I can help the next in line I don’t think I ...More

How The School to Prison Pipeline Ruins Lives Before They Start • BRAVE NEW FILMS: JUSTICE #2

When a kid gets in trouble at school, we used to send them to the principal's office. Now, we're suspending, expelling or even arresting kids for the smallest misbehaviors. This trend is called the School-To-Prison pipeline. WATCH MORE:

Raven-Symoné: "I'm Tired of Being Labeled" - Oprah: Where Are They Now? - OWN

Tune in Sunday at 9/8c. Subscribe to OWN: In 2013, Raven-Symoné, star of That's So Raven, sent out a tweet in support of gay marriage that caused a sensation. "I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you," the tweet read. Was this Raven's way of publicly coming...More

Truth About Vaping - Episode 1 "Why They Hate Us"

Truth About Vaping. Revealing the real motivation behind the California Department of Public Health's attack campaign on vaping called Still Blowing Smoke. The view more of the TRUTH visit Follow Calls to Action on and

JAY Z's 1st Rap EVER on TV They Didn't Even Say His Name!

JAY Z's 1st Rap EVER on TV They Didn't Even Say His Name! Circa 1990. Jay Z first rap EVER on TV They Didn't Even Say His Name! With Big Daddy Kane on Rap City. A tribute to the golden age and the innovators of Hip Hop! My collection of music videos, exclusives and interviews. SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!! htt...More

This is How they Fish Piranhas in Brazil

This is how they fish piranhas in Brazil! Video courtesy of Being Latino | Facebook

18 Times People Failed So Hard They Almost Won

At least they start out pretty graceful. Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on Twitter: All media courtesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos -------------------------- MUSIC Reason to Fly Licensed via ...More

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