Inmate Steven Sandison tells how he killed child molester cellmate

Man admits willingly and calmly to killing his cellmate, a child molester.. Inmate Steven Sandison tells how he killed child molester cellmate Theodore Dyer

Hugh Hefner's Son Tells Us What It Was Like Growing Up In The Playboy Mansion

While most people associate the Playboy Mansion with scantily clad playmates and sex-fueled debauchery, it served as the childhood home for Hugh Hefner's sons. Now 23, Hefner's youngest son, Cooper, recounts his childhood spent in what many consider to be a sort of adult fantasyland. For Cooper, i...More

Nobody Tells This To Beginners

An incredible video for people trying to do creative work.. Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet! (* This video is available in 4K! *) Thanks for watching. If you found this video meaningful, please consider subscribing. Saar. Facebook:

Scientology Whistleblower Tells All, Admits to Secretly Recording Tom Cruise

Scientology Whistleblower Tells All, from the guy who posted that airport video a few weeks ago.... –Mark Rathbun, the highest ranking whistleblower from the Church of Scientology and former Senior Executive of the Church, joins David to discuss being ambushed by Scientologists at LAX airport, his...More

Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) from GTA 5 Tells me "Go F*** Yourself" NY Comic Con 2013 (Original)

Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) from GTA 5 Tells YouTuber "Go Fuck Yourself" NY Comic Con. Steven Ogg AKA Trevor Phillips from GTA 5 tells me to go f**k myself.

Events4Singler dk and Events4Par dk - Poul Hjortbøl tells his sons about winning the lottery

Dad tells his sons that he won the lottery. and - Poul Hjortbøl is a former fireman and consultant. When he won the lottery, he choose to quit his job and live life a little, before finally starting a company, dealing with events for singles and...More

Rugby Referee Nigel Owens Tells Player "This Is Not Soccer"

"This is not soccer". Fantastic clip featuring the legendary Nigel Owens

Dad tells his sons that he have won 15m Danish Kroner (2.7 million dollars)

Dad tells his sons that he have won 15m Danish Kroner (2.7 million dollars) - English subtitles. This is the English version of the video. For original, danish version, go to

My 89 Year Old Father Tells Another Dirty Joke

My 89 Year Old Dad Tells Another Dirty Joke. My dad, who will be 90 in October, has never forgotten a joke!

Bill tells a story

A man tells a brilliant story about a booze cruise in Greece.. About a booze cruise in Greece gone awry.

My dad tells a dirty joke

My 89 year old dad tells a dirty joke. I took my 89 year old dad to get some ice cream... which reminded him of a dirty joke.

Security guard tells Ian not to sing but fights

Security telling certified busker that he is not allowed on public property [2:54]. This video shows a ruthless group of security guards demanding Ian not sing on their property even with a city issued permit. Watch what happened next.... for information on us

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