Ink Mapping: Video Mapping on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar

The first live event of Tattoo Video Mapping. No post-production was used. Created and Produced By Oskar & Gaspar. Agency: FunnyHow? Powered by Desperados. Original soundtrack: "Love Live", by Dj Ride & Holly. Tattoos by Eduardo Cavellucci + Igor Gama.

What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

Short clip on how tattoos work and their permanence.. View full lesson: The earliest recorded tattoo was found on a Peruvian mummy in 6,000 BC. That's some old ink! And considering humans lose roughly 40,000 skin cells per hour,...More

The history of tattoos - Addison Anderson

View full lesson: If you have a tattoo, you’re part of a rich cultural history that dates back at least 8,000 years. Where did this practice of body modification come from, and how has its function changed over time? Addison Anders...More

Tattoos: A Permanent Art

PBS Arts: Off Book captures the style of three different tattoo artists.

People Get Tattoos For The First Time

"This feels like what I think cocaine would feel like." Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Special thanks to Body Electric Tattoo: Music: Slip The Skin All music licensed by Warner/Chappell Production GET MORE BUZZFEED: www...More

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