Swimming With Red Belly Piranhas - River Monsters

Swimming With Red Belly Piranhas. Jeremy has a pool filled with 100 Red Belly Piranhas, to demonstrate how they will only attack when blood and flesh are thrown into the water. Subscribe For More River Monsters™: http://bit.ly/1FWpuCI Follow The Adventure: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiverMonst...More

AMAZING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE!!: Swimming Impala Brutally Killed By African Wild Dog Pack!!!

Impala brutally killed by a pack of painted hunting dogs (NSFW). An incredible sighting of a swimming impala stranded in a dam by a pack of painted hunting dogs. Eventually the impala swims to the shore to rest but the ravenous wild dog pack soon gets their breakfast! The pack manages to drag the im...More

Hallway Swimming (Original)

Hallway Swimming. going for a quick swim in the hall haha www.twitter.com/cpugs www.instagram.com/cpugz

Swimming with Icebergs

Stig free dives under icebergs after showing how he can drop his pulse in a moment’s notice. THE MAN WHO DOESN'T BREATHE AIRS SUNDAY OCTOBER 26 at 6P.

The Non Swimming Dog

The Non Swimming Dog. this dog loves the water....but she doesn't swim.

Swimming Underwater Girls Full HD 1080p Edit Version

4 minutes of girls swimming underwater. Just... watch.. Swimming Underwater Girls

German Shepherd throws a fit when she has to quit swimming

German Shepherd throws a tantrum when she has to quit swimming. She got to keep swimming after her wonderful theatrical performance. No dogs' hearts were actually broken in the making of this video.

New to swimming

I managed to convince my dog to swim, he's a rescue and is nervous to try anything new. He loves swimming now.(Xpost r/dogs). Chance finally learns to swim.

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) // George Barnett cover

That "Brit" who blew someones mind with Daft Punk, is blowing my mind with this Kendrick Lamar cover.. ▶ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/georgebarnett.uk ▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/geobarnett ▶ Website: http://www.georgebarnett.co.uk Hope you enjoy this. I made it myself. di...More

Chameleon Swimming

Ever seen how a chameleon swims? (Xpost from /r/chameleons). Out in the Magaliesburg mountain range, South Africa, from a simple beauty video, this turns into an amazing lucky find of a chameleon swimming across the water in the wild. Nature truly at its best.

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