High-speed ride with Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins at STPR 2012

Rally drivers are fucking insane.. Ride inside the cockpit and on the front bumper with David Higgins and Craig Drew in their Subaru Rally Team USA STI as they race flat out through the forest stages of Pennsylvania's STPR Rally. Watch more videos at www.subaru.com/rally Subaru driver David Higgins...More

Subaru Forester Commercial

There's one small edit that changes this Subaru commercial (x-post /r/CommercialCuts).

Subaru WRX pulls out stuck Police Officer.

Subaru WRX pulls out cop car stuck in snow. Subaru WRX pulls out stuck Police Officer. My buddy Bobby helping out a stuck Hazel Park, Michigan Police Officer. He is on some not so good all season tires but still managed to free the charger. Nothing like a flat 4 awd to pull out that v8 rwd car!

Subaru WRX crashes into a house

By far the best reaction ever. Subaru WRX crashes into house...

Subaru Impreza WRX STI on mud pit ( WCSS 2013 )

Subaru Impreza battles it's way out of a large mud-pit. WRX STI on mud pit WCSS 2013 Longview WA For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Subaru WRX Thug

Subaru WRX Thug.


Subaru WRX STI vs Stickbomb. Have you heard of the toy, StickBomb? Flat wooden sticks are woven together under tension, which then fly apart like dominos when one is removed. So what happens when this toy is pitted against a radio control model WRX STI? Find out in this dramatic, fun-filled video.

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