Sporting KC National Anthem

Microphone Broke. Crowd takes over for the National Anthem. The Cauldron take over for the national anthem at Sporting KC. After the mic stops working, the KC Cauldron and Sporting KC fans finish the national anthem. True fans, and chilling moment live.

Assault Rifle vs. Sporting Rifle

Assault Rifle VS Sporting Rifle. The media and the anti-gunners are trying to tell Americans that "assault weapons" need to be banned for public safety. The problem is, assault rifles were banned in 1986. What they want to ban now are semi-automatic sporting firearms. The firearms they want to ba...More

How to put liquor in sealed water bottles for cruises and sporting events

How to get liquor into a sealed water bottle. How to put vodka in a sealed water bottle. Use Iced tea for Captain Morgan! Great for cruises and sporting events. Buy the caps here: Share This Video!!!

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