How to FLY A SPACESHIP to the SPACE STATION - Smarter Every Day 131

Scott is in quarantine right now. Tweet him and see if he replies! Check out his Instagram: ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ More info Below ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ Please consider following Scott on both Instagram and Twitter. This will probably be NASA's measure of ...More

Joe Rogan - Spaceship

Joe Rogan - Spaceship. Something a bit different I made today from some NASA footage and snippets from Joe Rogan's podcast

Halo Pillar of Autumn giant LEGO spaceship - Brickworld Chicago 2014

A guy spent almost 4 years recreating an iconic Halo ship with Lego. Joshua Hanlon from talks to Lee Jones about the Pillar of Autumn spaceship. Complete guided tour of Brickworld Chicago 2014: Check out our other Brickworld Chicago 2014 videos: http://...More

Rendezvous with White Knight and Spaceship 2 Virgin Galactic and Virgin America

Commercial airliner is joined by Virgin Galactic's White Knight spacecraft before landing - once in a lifetime experience for the passengers. San Francisco's Airline Unveils Beautiful and Sustainable New Terminal 2 Home and Celebrates with a "Fly into the Future" Fare Sale Virgin America's First Arr...More

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