Death in Space

"Death in Space" is a collection of 2 second scenes depicting the many ways to meet an untimely death in outer space. I've been working on this in my spare time after my day job as an Animator Created and Animated by Tom Lucas Post production - Gorilla Sound Design - Alice Knipping Special ...More

X-Wing in Space (#HeyJJ)

Two guys from Essex just put an X-Wing into space with a personal message for JJ Abrams! Tweet: @Bad_Robot #HeyJJ Can @MattKingsnorth and @TurboBungle come to the Force Awakens VIP Première?

First Donut in Space

I have worked really hard with my project to send a donut to the edge of space, two weeks ago I did it!. On the 9 April 2015 we sent a Donut to the edge of space (32km up) with a weather balloon, from Askim Norway. We spent many months planning this, and we are happy with the outcome of this project...More

A Sunrise from the Edge of Space

During a recent World View commercial payload flight, our cameras captured something magnificent. A perspective that reminds us of the majesty of our planet - the gift of a breathtaking sunrise from the edge of space. World View is a space experience launching in 2017 that presents a drastically di...More

A Dandelion Going To Seed - Carl Sagan on Space Travel

In 1977 Carl Sagan gave the CHRISTMAS LECTURES on space travel. In his final lecture, he spoke about the human race venturing out into space; his words are as relevant now as they were then. Day 14 of our advent calendar, A Place Called Space. Watch his lectures in full o...More

Incredible Hubble Space Telescope fly-through of the Gum Nebula

Three-dimensional the nebula Gum 29 with the star cluster Westerlund 2 at its core. From Hubble Space Telescope: "The flight traverses the foreground stars and approaches the lower left rim of the nebula Gum 29. Passing through the wispy darker clouds on the near side, the journey reveals bright gas...More

Could NASA Start the Zombie Apocalypse? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Want to ask some sort of crazy question about Space?: Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! We’re just as fascinated as the rest of you with predicting how the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE will start. One surpri...More

Space Jam (Full Movie)

Space Jam (1:20:15). Here it is fellas, the whole thing. go here too

Space Rocks

There are lots of names associated with space rocks, so what is the difference? Join the Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomers to find out. They will also explore what space rocks can tell us about our very own planet Earth. #rogschools

Are Space and Time An Illusion? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Want to ask some sort of crazy question about Space?: Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com SPACE, TIME, AND THE NATURE OF REALITY. This episode of Space Time is actually about Spacetime, so pull up a chair, grab your favorite sna...More

How to Get Into Space - EPIC HOW TO

Which how-to will be next? ►► Subscribe! How to Become Batman ►► How to Start Your Own Religion ►► Space is awesome! But getting there takes a lot of hard work, studying, time, money, or . . . a few good life hacks! Joe Be...More

New Atmospheric Effects In Kerbal Space Program

Scott Manley shows off New Atmospheric Effects In Kerbal Space Program it's pretty interesting. An exclusive look at a forthcoming enhancements to the atmospheric effects in Kerbal Space Program. We've got used to the reentry heating effect and the approximation of the Prandtl-Glauert singularity (m...More

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