New World Record with snowmobile on water 212 km

Gratulerer med verdensrekorden Morten Blien. Her er en liten smakebit av det som er filmet på denne turen. Over 21 mil på scooteren, der er rått. Lykke til i kveld. Del gjerne filmen. 18.sep 2015, a Norwegian man named Morten Blien hopped on his Polaris RMK 800 and drove about 131 miles – do...More

Scary snowmobile accident in north of sweden !

Horrible snowmobile accident in Sweden. 3e gradens brännskada på ca 70% utav ryggen och bruten underarm så benet stack ut. He was lucky that his friend Markus saved him that fast ! Broken forearm and third degree burns on 70% of the back

Flying snowmobile - 1,5km High mountain

Some Finns attach a parachute to a snowmobile and ride off a cliff - flying snowmobile!. Thanks for TUPLA made this possible! We made flying snowmobile and glide down from mountain in Riksgränsen Sweden! Had so epic time to film this. It was very weird feeling when we saw our friend Antti Pendikain...More

Snowmobile fail / accident ft. Super Mario!

Snowmobile ft. Super Mario. I give all the credits of the idea to jimmyb316 who commented this hilarious combination in the comments of the original; "Pabersematao! Snowmobile accident moto nieve fail". Music: Super Mario 64 - Slide Theme

Real Moose Attack Animal Attack Angry Moose Attacks, kicking Father in chest on snowmobile

Moose picked the wrong guy to attack.. A man, age 51 with a life threatening heart condition (dilated cardiomyopathy), while snowmobiling out west with his son, comes upon a moose in the wild. Concerned that an animal attack might be about to happen, the site seeing experience goes bad when the moos...More

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