Americans Try Korean Snacks

Americans Try Korean Snacks. Americans Try Korean Snacks! Tickets available at: It’s pilot season, and Cigarette Sandwich is selling out for that Hollywood green, babe! Each week, Case, Andy, Tim, and Chuck debut a brand new live ...More

Americans Try Mexican Snacks

Americans Try Mexican Snacks. Life is a lot like a good piece of candy. Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: LINKS!

Japanese thoughts on British snacks

Japanese thoughts on British snacks. What do Japanese people think of British snacks? After recently being sent some snacks from back home I took them to my good friend Natsuki, an eccentric Japanese guy with outstanding hair, to get his opinion. I meet weekly with Natsuki and his awesome wife Asam...More

How to Pass Snacks to the Rear Seat of a Fighter Jet

How to Pass Snacks to the Rear Seat of a Fighter Jet.

Americans Taste Japanese Snacks

Dried fish in a bag - just one of the snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun sampled by the brave staffers at Buzzfeed.

Australian Snacks

From the land of really weird animals comes really weird snacks - malted barley drink, chocolate gummy babies, yeast extract - taste-tested by Americans. Much like the folk from Down Under themselves, these are some snacks are pretty tough.

Korean girls taste American snacks (ENG sub)

Korean girls taste American snacks. Leave a comment for next topic.

Childhood Snacks Aren't As Good

Some things do not age very well, even if it's your favorite kid snack from the 90s.

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