Sink a nail in ONE HIT

How to drive a nail in a single hit. What else do I say? How to pound a nail with a single hit. Drive a nail like an alpha. ---*NEW* The following is my response to all of the "click-bait" accusations--- I am so sorry for wasting your precious time. Here's how you really do it: 1) Hold nail in po...More

Baby Duck swimming in sink

Here's a duck swimming in a sink.. This is Wilbur getting his daily swim.

Angry Sink Prank Uncensored Collection

In anticipation of the upcoming April Fools Day. Son plays the same prank for 3 years, hilarious reaction [NSFW language]. Strong Language is in this video so be warned. Year 2007- Angry Sink Prank Year 2008- Angry Sink Prank 2 Year 2009- Angry Sink Prank 3 April Fools! A lot of you have been ...More

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