Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a Muppet of few -- mostly cookie-related -- words. But the furry blue monster goes deep with profound thoughts about food. Brought to you by the profoundly hilarious subreddit r/ShowerThoughts: Additional thanks to Cookie Monster, Sesame Street, th...More

Big Frank: How to cut thick glass simply and safely

Interesting and mesmerizing video of glass cutting. More information: This video provides directions on how to manually cut thick glass up to1-inch (25 mm) using the Bohle tool kit for thick glass cutting. The directions ar...More

Simply amazing :) This could happen only on a Dublin bus

A typical bus journey in Ireland. Don't take my drugs away... :)

Ingrid Michaelson - Girls Chase Boys (An Homage to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible") - OFFICIAL

Official Music Video for Ingrid's Single "Girls Chase Boys" from the upcoming album "Lights Out" Available April 15th! Lights Out Tour begins April 21st! Dates & Tix Here: "Girls Chase Boys" Written by Ingrid Michaelson, Barry Dean and Trent Dabbs Directe...More

Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman | Mashable

Nick Offerman, with all his grizzled wisdom and vocal gravitas, sat down to share the most profound things ever pondered in a shower. The tidbits of brilliance originated on r/ShowerThoughts, a subreddit awash with soapsuds-covered cleverness. If you enjoyed this video, please check out the r/Show...More

Trade as One - "Live Simply, Buy Ethically"

Flikli focuses on visual creativity but we know creativity plays a part in finding ways to help the needy through different business models. This video puts both on display: Trade as One's subscription program brings natural, healthy and fair trade products right to your front door, and using our Ca...More

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