New Video Showing New Jersey Cops Siccing Dog on Man, Killing Him

Officers Louis Platania and Jeffrey Travaline Murdering Subdued Man with K9. Read story here.

My friend Jezz showing her Halloween costume to busy drivers.

I've never had so much fun in a costume!. via YouTube Capture

Showing IKEA print to Art experts

We placed an IKEA painting in a museum and told art experts it was from the famous IKE-Andrews. Would they notice? Special thanks to: Museum Arnhem

Showing My excess skin please help

Hey Reddit, this guy needs some help and exposure. He lost 210 lbs, and has a ton of extra skin. No donations required, just share! [8:31]. This video is talking about how the government will not assist me in my skin surgery. I also explain my story and how I got here, as well as show the excess sk...More

New Video of Japan Tsunami - Ground Level Footage Showing Surge

New Video of Japan Tsunami - Ground Level Footage Showing Surge. Apparently, this is newly found video of the tsunami in Japan. There is some great video taken at ground level showing the water surge rushing around the corner and quickly filling the street.

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