Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire

Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire. But he's not giving up on his shop and the city.

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Brave Tobacco Shop Cashier

Badass Shop Girl. Jimmy talks with Zara Adil, a woman who impressively stopped an armed robbery at her family’s tobacco shop. #WallOfAmerica SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: Watch the lates...More

Looted Ferguson Shop Owner Gives Us All A Much-Needed Smile

"Sonny Dayean owns a cell phone store that was looted early Saturday morning amid protests related to the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Police released a video Friday allegedly showing Brown robbing a convenience store, sparking fresh outrage in the already tense town. The Ferguson police...More

Conan Goes To The Pawn Shop

Even Conan could use a little extra cash. Head down to the pawn shop with Coco as he tries to unload some his extensive memorabilia collection.

(R-Rated) Shop Vac + Yellow Jackets / Wasp Removal / Extermination Tutorial / How To

Removing wasps with a shop vac. It's quite effective.. This is a How To Video for removing Yellow Jackets or wasps using a Shop Vac. No chemicals are used other than a little dish soap in the Sho Vac. (Update 2014: Here is a picture of this year's haul of Yellow Jackets)

The Puppets Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop

When we talk about puppets in television and film, Jim Henson is the first name that comes to mind. Henson's legacy endures at his Creature Shop, where fabricators, engineers, and animators continue crafting the art of puppet-making and performance. We're privileged to be able to visit Jim Henson's ...More

"The Vault" Coffee Shop KVRR Story

Coffee shop has no employees staffing it, runs entirely on the honor system. Aaron Boerner's KVRR story on "The Vault" in Valley City, a self-serve coffeeshop where you pay on the honor system.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Carrie in the Coffee Shop. What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? Our hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a telekinetic event.

Nick Young & 2 Chainz Shop for Ultra-Rare Sneakers | Most Expensivest Shit

Nick Young A.K.A. Swaggy P stops by RIF.LA with 2 Chainz to check out the store’s curated collection of more than 450 pairs of shoes. The two sneakerheads take a look at the shop’s exclusive inventory, including a pair of Jordans that’ll set you back $25,000 Watch GQ on The Scene: http://th...More

Gravity Falls - Little Gift Shop of Horrors - Clip

Neil deGrasse Tyson/Gravity Falls - Little Gift Shop of Horrors. Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson as Waddles the pig in an all new Gravity Falls this Saturday on Disney Channel.

How toddlers shop in Wisconsin

How toddlers shop in Wisconsin. This video is about 6 months old but I was finally able to convince my brother & sister in law to let me post it. This is my brother and nephew doing some shopping and totally unprovoked, Brian Jr. decided he had some other plans for the weekend.

Thrift Lab- UF Pathology (Thrift Shop Parody)

Best Homage Video of Macklemore's Thrift Shop I've Yet Seen!. Leukemias, urine drug screens, cytology, grossing, frozens, and managing the blood bank... to Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. By UF Pathology.

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