Ohio Police Officer Refuses to Shoot Suspect Asking to Be Shot 'Shoot Me!' |BODY CAM FULL VIDEO

Officer shows incredible restraint when suspect charges him... 'I don't wanna shoot you man' Ohio cop refuses to open fire on murder suspect begging to be shot: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure', New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder Refuses to shoot man asking to be shot (full video). This is How...More

Photo shoot fall

Fail: Rap artist gets blown off a wall into the ocean during a photoshoot. Photo shoot in Clearwater Florida does not end well... Landed on a oyster bed and cut up his hand really bad as well as taking a chunk out of his shin....

Enter the Silver Dragon - Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out 2013

This fall Makua Rothman and a crew of surfers from around the world landed in Hangzhou, China, to ride the powerful Qiantang River, known as the Silver Dragon, and compete in the Red Bull Qiantang Shoot Out. SurfersVillage: the Surfing News Agency! We provide all the latest surfing News. Subscribe ...More

Cops fatally shoot man in Salinas, California

OBEY. Warning: Graphic content Video courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/yoanna.prieto Salinas, California police officers claim they had to use lethal force on a man who didn't obey their orders and tried to attack them. However video filmed by an eyewitness shows that the man tried to back away fr...More

Civil Rights Activist Experiences Shoot or Don't Shoot Scenarios

Civil Rights Activist Experiences Shoot or Don't Shoot Scenarios. From Phoenix's Fox 10.....great segment! Subscribe to my channel for more videos. ______________________________________________________ We've seen protests all across the country after police officers have been accused of shooting ...More

How NOT To Shoot a Machinegun!

How NOT to shoot a Machinegun.. Bud’s Gun Shop: http://www.budsgunshop.com/?utm_source=hickok45&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=hickok45_ytDescription Open Bolt select-fire machine pistols / subguns are different sort of animal, even slightly counter intuitive when it comes to operating t...More

Tanner's Story | Shoot The Skies

Tanner shares his story and passion to end human trafficking after a very real first-hand experience. Producer: Tanner Wendell Stewart, Josh Arnold, Ben Yagolnikov Camera: Paul Miller, Tanner Stewart, Ben Strickland, Josh Arnold Editor: Ben Yagolnikov

Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen Shoot the Sh*t on MeatEater with Steven Rinella

Comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen cracking up over shit stories. Their laughter is contagious.. Conversations can get weird when you're sitting out in the woods for too long... especially when you're out in the woods with comedians Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen! (details below) Steven Rinella and h...More


Who knew gummy bears where such a great thing to make bullets out of?. Many viewers demanded we melt down a gummy bear and make a shotgun slug out it. Would it work? Would it be accurate? Would it do any damage? I used a gummy Easter bunny that had melted in the heat used in a video a few ...More

Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock (Official Video) - Music Video on 14 Screens

BRUNETTES SHOOT BLONDES - Knock Knock (Official Video) Download the song for free: http://brunettesshootblondes.org/ SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel! Like us on FB: http://on.fb.me/1uSJnUF For recording labels, concerts, interviews: bsbcontact@gmail.com iTunes Download: http://smarturl.it/KNOCK ...More

How NOT To Shoot a Sawed-off Shotgun

How NOT To Shoot a Sawed-off Shotgun. Again, just trying to help you protect your body parts! Thanks to NCSilencer for providing this "Instructional Tool." http://ncsilencer.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/NC-SILENCER/166136520091399 Also, thanks to Federal for supplying ALL the ammunition for...More

The Guys from Knight Rifles "Americas Muzzleloader" Shoot the .950 JDJ

The largest calibre rifle in the world is the .950 JDJ, only three were ever made and a single bullet costs $40. Join Knight Rifles on Facebook for more pictures, info and video's! https://www.facebook.com/knightrifles?bookmark_t=page 1st Shooter: Dave Fricke, Millennium Manufacturing 2nd Shooter:...More

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