Global ship traffic seen from space

Global ship traffic seen from space. If you sail, cruise, or voyage more than 100 miles offshore of a 1st world nation, then it is these ships (these points / streaks of light), near your route that will render assistance or rescue, NOT a "coast guard", etc....Assuming you DO have both a VHF-DSC rad...More

Lynx helicopter landing on ship in rough sea

Lynx helicopter landing on ship in rough sea. This video shows a landing conducted by a Prism Defence Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer during development of Ship Helicopter Operating Limits for the Lynx Mark 90B helicopter onboard the KNUD RASMUSSEN class Offshore Patrol Vessel. Operating helico...More

ship bending due to wave motion

This is how much a ship flexes in rough seas... kinda scary.. Container ship msc busan underway in heavy seas. Please note 00:11 when she hits significant wave of height approx. 7-8 meters

Disbelief as container ship heads straight to shore (full version) Hong Kong April 6, 2014

Fully loaded container ship dropping anchor before hitting shore. Hong Kong residents can't believe their eyes as a giant ship heads straight towards university sports grounds. Copyright: Corinne Vigniel/ To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Cruise Ship Stretch

You've seen stretched limos, but never seen stretched cruise liners. A ship is dry docked, cut in half, and a 99-foot extension added, all in this fascinating time lapse.

Rogue System Ship Startup -- Part 1

Rogue System (hardcore space sim) ship startup. The first in a short series demonstrating a manual ship start, and an overview of systems.

Cruise Ship playing Seven Nation Army

Cruise Ship playing Seven Nation Army on horns. MSC magnifica plays seven nation army during Hamburg's "harbour-birthday" celebration on May 9th 2014

Auction 52 japanese used cars swept away in storm marine ship

Shouldn't they...I don't know...maybe chain those down?. A total of 64 cars were aboard cargo ship Astongate traveling from Toyama, Japan, to Vladivostok, Russia. After the storm hit the ship -- 52 of them ended up at the bottom of the sea. Whoever bought those cars signed a document allowing the ca...More

Ship My Pants

Ship my pants? You're kidding.. Want to ship your pants too? Can't find what you're looking for in store, a sales associate can find it on and ship it to you for free! #ShipMyPants


F***ing Cruise Ship. Come take the f***in' tour. FACEBOOK GIVEAWAYS! T-SHIRTS! MORE FUN ON THE HAWAII CRUISE! Dancing Behind People On a Cruise Ship (no music version: ) ...More

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