PSA - Invest in a Dash Cam - She Blamed Me For Her Hitting My Truck

Invest in a Dash Cam. This lady rolled back into me at a stop light and tried to blame me for running into her. You can see us approaching her and she takes her foot off the brake. She kept blaming me and that I rolled into her saying it wasnt her card because her car is an automatic it cant roll ba...More

That's What She Said | 10 Things Every Female Should Know by Natalie Patterson

SoulPancake partnered with Darling Magazine to have a series of conversations about some of the issues that women face on a daily basis. In our final episode, Natalie gives us the 10 things every female should know. To continue the conversation visit and for daily inspir...More

She Thinks Her Vagina Deserves Only The Best. So That's What She's Giving It.

We're not sure about you, but I want to know what I'm putting in my body. As women, we have choices about our body, health, and future, so why leave it in someone else's hands? It's time to (ahem) get on top of the situation. You can be pretty sure your partner will appreciate it too. Produced by...More

she++: The Documentary

Reinventing tech for the next generation of #goodgirlsgonegeek. Brought to you by she++.

My teenage daughter claims she watched every video on the Internet

My daughter said she's watched every video on the Internet - guess she didn't see this one. I'm guessing she never saw one like this before!

funny 2 year old shouting at her mummy for laughing while she was singing Disney Frozen

Irish two year old girl absolutely ruins her parents for laughing at her frozen performance. 2 year old shouting at her mummy for laughing at her while she was trying to sing Disney Frozen Subtitles now added To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyfu...More

She Takes A Photo: 6.5 Years | Beckie0

LOOK IN THIS BOX FOR INFO/FAQ. ►Subscribe: ►More videos: ► ► ► ►

The Dead Tapes - Where did she go?

I have to admit I did not expect this kind of sound from a guy playing in his backyard and using a megaphone.. This a song that I wrote. If you like it please tell other people, share on facebook or wherever you can and help get us noticed, we are struggling with that. Thank you so much for your sup...More

How Old Is She?!

One of the biggest struggles of my life.. Some girls, you just can't tell... same with guys. Get our LIMITED EDITION TSHIRT today before it's GONE! Written and Directed by Wong Fu Productions Produced with Christine Chen Co-Written &...More

German Shepherd throws a fit when she has to quit swimming

German Shepherd throws a tantrum when she has to quit swimming. She got to keep swimming after her wonderful theatrical performance. No dogs' hearts were actually broken in the making of this video.

Top Ranked Junior Tennis Player Told She Is Too Overweight

U.S. Open officials tell Taylor Townsend she should not compete due to her weight.

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