Former Foster Child Shares Her Story: My Sky Is Falling

By the time foster child, Lydia Joyner, was 18 years old, she had lived in 35 different homes, had 18 social workers, and had her name changed 4 times. In this emotional episode of Epiphany, Lydia, now an adult, opens up about her traumatic experience navigating the foster care system. Recently, Ly...More

Gorilla pulls poop out his butt, eats it, and shares with son

Gorilla pulls poop out his butt, eats it, and shares with son. This was recorded at the San Diego Zoo, January 20th 2012. The gorilla had a hard time pooping, and ran around with a dingleberry. Finally he sat down, pulled out an ENOURMOUS shit then started playing with it, and then eating it. Lat...More

Meredith Vieira Shares Her Personal #WhyIStayed Story

Meredith Vieira talks about how she was once in an abusive relationship, and how she finally got out. Watch this clip and see the full story Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

Ashton Shares What It's Like to be Transgender in Ohio

In a groundbreaking move, Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law into effect in California that allows transgender youth to use the bathroom in school that corresponds to their gender identity. Although Fox News thinks transgender rights don't make sense, saying it's "an impetus to pander to pol...More

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