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Bill Nye's at the Museum of Sex in New York to explain the evolutionary purpose of sex. STARTALK AIRS MONDAYS 11/10c.

Can Science Improve Your Sex Life?

A little science secret to spice things up in the bedroom! Get your free audiobook: Get the AsapSCIENCE book! Subscribe! (It's free): Written by Amanda Edward (@mlle_capsaicin), Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown Instagram and ...More

Can The Government Regulate Your Sex Life?

Some states in the US still have some crazy sex laws on the books, based on acts they consider to be "unnatural." But times have changed. Can the government actually regulate our sex lives? It turns out, in some cases, they can... Learn More: Legislating Your Sex Life

Sex Education in India

Sex Education in India. The health ministry of India recently suggested that sex education be banned in the country. We look at India's attitude towards sex through a "government approved" sex education lecture. This video is a work of fiction that bears no resemblance to any human being living, d...More

All of Don Drapers Sex Scenes in 75 seconds (Mad Men Recap)

With a little research we were able to finally answer that burning question... what IS Don's number? We'll see what the final season brings! Subscribe: Catch our best beauty and fashion pickups in Racked Haul Alexander Wang + H&M NYC Haul: Sephora Holi...More

Insinööri ottaa seksistä kaiken irti - Engineer speaks about sex

Hilarious commercial for Finnish Electric Company. Mikä on hauskin André Wickström -video? Äänestä ja voita kaupunkiloma kahdelle!

"Onion Talks: Hypothetically It Would Be Okay To Have Sex With A Robot Dog "

Onion Talks: Hypothetically It Would Be Okay To Have Sex With A Robot Dog. Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: Technology expert Chris Borden explains that it would be fine to have sexual intercourse with a robot dog because it isn’t a real dog. Like The Onion on Facebook: ht...More

The Sex Factor Reality Porn Competition: $1M Prize!

Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Explains New Reality Show 'The Sex Factor'. Follow @thesxfactor The Sex Factor is a reality competition where eight guys and eight girls will compete for porn stardom and a ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE. None of the sixteen contestants have been filmed before and America will ...More

6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex

Ancient sex toys!? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Vivid Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. FEATURING Hudsy Hawn @hudsyhawn Michael Vegas @itsmichaelvegas Adam Radford Nikki Bohm Gabby Dunn Gregory Broome GregoryBro...More

Keira Knightley Talks Sex Scenes - The Graham Norton Show

Keira Knightley Talks Sex Scenes on The Graham Norton Show. Keira talks about how she was directed through a sex scene, and pulling sex faces over Skype. Subscribe for weekly updates:

The Sex Toy Taste Test

The Edible Sex Toy Taste Test (NSFW). "Excuse me, I'm like burping up other sex toys." Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: Music: Suite No. 1 Music Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc....More

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex At TEDGlobal 2010, author Matt Ridley shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas. It's not important how clever individuals are, he says; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is. TEDTal...More

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