Star Wars - Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back" Homage (Title Sequence)

Star Wars is one of Hollywood's biggest franchises to date, containing one of the most unique universes in sci-fi fiction. Not only is the universe incredibly iconic, so is it's title sequence (the famous title crawl). Designed by Dan Perri, the title sequence is one of the most recognizable introdu...More

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

Went to see "Frozen" over the weekend and heard one of the best songs Disney has ever done.. In this clip from Disney's "Frozen," Elsa, whose secret powers have just been revealed, flees Arendelle and unleashes her magic, creating a breathtaking ice palace. Performed by the voice of Elsa, ...More

Game of Thrones - 60's/Saul Bass style title sequence

I made a 60's/Saul Bass style Game of Thrones title sequence - opinions welcome [no spoilers]. Since I love Saul Bass, the 60's and HBO's Game of Thrones, I made an alternative title sequence. Here is the result. Enjoy! (Inspired by "Hunter Sanders" 90's concept also.) My Website: http://www.milanv...More

SAMSARA food sequence

This clip from SAMSARA showing food production and consumption has been getting a lot of attention! SAMSARA is available on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as On Demand from Amazon, ITunes and Netflix. From SAMSARA producer Mark Magidson: "We are happy this clip has ...More


My friend Aviv is insanely good with a deck of cards. this video is a part of a cardistry project that is coming soon. enjoy =) Music: LoFi Collective (TW Rerub) - Observations Credits: Spencer Clark Dan And Dave Buck Dimitri Arleri Devo Jerry Brendan Conner Alejandro Portela (Thecuso) Luka Daren...More

GAME of THRONES opening sequence w/ style of THE WALKING DEAD. Mashup!

GAME of THRONES opening sequence w/ style of THE WALKING DEAD. My name is Keith Eng and I'm a video editor and motion graphics artist. I love both of the shows The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and I also love how both of them have "walkers". I worked on this slowly, little by little whenever ...More

Breaking Bad, Full Title Sequence

Breaking Bad, Full Title Sequence (Fan-made). New episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad have returned. Breaking Bad, Season 5 Promo, "The Wake": Music, "Breaking Bad (Main Title Theme) [Extended Version]" by Dave Porter, available on the Breaking Bad (Music from the Original TV ...More

Virtual Creature Evolution Sequence 2 - Flat Back

How do more people not know about this? Virtual program that simulates evolution - a twitching bundle of blocks transforms 1500 generations later into a rapidly leaping creature. You can even download the program to test evolution yourself.. Something a little different this time. This creature was ...More

Futurama: Live Action Opening Sequence

Futurama Live Action Opening Sequence. See a live action version of the Futurama opening sequence, made entirely by hand (and tentacle). All new episodes air Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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