102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time

102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time. Alice Barker was a chorus line dancer during the Harlem Renaissance of the the 1930s and 40s. She danced at clubs such as The Apollo, Cotton Club, and Zanzibar Club, with legends including Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinso...More

How A Blind Man Sees With Sound

Daniel Kish uses flash sonar to “see” the world around him. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC Bits And Pizzs & Step By Step & Piccante Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com...More

No One Sees It Like You

Seven billion people flying through space on a rock - and you are the only one who's seen the things you've seen.

The #GlobalPOV Project: "Who Sees Poverty?" With Ananya Roy

Who Sees Poverty? - A UC Berkeley creation [12:42]. Poverty exists. That it exists, that it persists, in the 21st century is an obscenity. We want to end this poverty. We want to make poverty history. But we have to ask ourselves: Who is the "we" who sees poverty? When we see poverty, what is that w...More

Our kitten sees snow for the first time

Our 3 month old kitten sees snow for the first time.

Guy sees his neighbour trying to commit suicide

Japanese guy sees his neighbour trying to commit suicide. *Grabs popcorn* guy, sees, seen, neighbour, suicide, attempt, wtf, japan, funny, lol, prank, compilation, best, vine, fails, wins, Японцы, Япония, Японский, Японка, Японец, Japanese, подборка при...More

Dog sees Dad after being gone over 6 months

Dog sees Dad after being gone over 6 months. After being gone for over six months overseas, my daddy's girl of a puppy is finally reunited with her daddy. As far as people commenting on the credits at the end, it was a joke among friends, lighten up people

What an Astronaut's Camera Sees at Night (from ISS)

What an Astronaut's Camera Sees at Night (from the ISS). Featuring the haunting, ethereal music of Axial Ensemble, title track "Premonition." Aboard the ISS, we fly along over Earth's luminous nocturnal landscapes, with Dr. Justin Wilkinson as our guide. This intimate tour takes us over cities and c...More

AMAZING!! Mark Sees for the first time in 20 years.

Legally blind man can see first time after 20 years with modern medicine.. Mark Cornell lost his sight 20 years ago after serving in the US Air Force for 18 years. Watch this emotional video as he sees his friends for the first time with eSight, electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually...More

How the sun sees you

We showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already. https://twitter.com/thomasleveritt Music: 'Summer in the City - Starcadian remix' by Freedom Fry http://freedomfry.bandcamp.com/ They are awesome. So is Starcadian. [M...More

Corgi puppy sees a mirror for the first time

Corgi puppy sees itself in a mirror for the first time. So I thought I was filming Fiona the corgi playing ball...and instead I captured her first experience with a mirror. Lol!

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