Seahawks Fan Reaction VS Patriots Superbowl XLIX (49) 2-1-2015

Large group of Seahawk fans screaming "Beast Mode! Beast Mode!" when Seattle was at the 1 yard line...and then the interception happens.[X-post /r/nfl]. Huge compilation of our reactions from the best plays from our hawks super bowl 49! and of course the end, its long, but worth the watch!...More

Duracell: Trust Your Power - NFL's Derrick Coleman, Seattle Seahawks

Amazing new commercial featuring Derrick Coleman, a deaf NFL player.. When the world tells you "no", you have two options: You can roll over and quit -- or you can trust your power. Derrick Coleman, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, trusted the power within. Although he's deaf, he never let...More

Seahawks Dad Ruins Baby's Birthday Song

Mom tries to sing birthday song with baby for Grandma while dad angrily yells at the Seahawks/Packers game in the background. (0:11 & 0:36). Seahawks fan dad isn't taking the Packers game so well in the background while mom is making birthday video for grandma with Beast Mode baby.

Dallas Cowboys look pathetic vs the Seahawks

I know there are overzealous football fans out there but, this guy takes the cake (NSFW) cursing. I forgot to give the Seahawks credit in this video because I was lost in anger. GREAT work Seahawks and Good luck in the future.

Seahawks Destroy A Bronco

At the Scrap-It in Ferndale, Washington, the Seattle fans are certainly creative. Employees had a Ford Bronco painted up in Denver Bronco livery and destroyed it with some Seahawk-themed heavy equipment.

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