Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Visual Effects Scene Breakdown - Falcon Escapes Jakku

This is a visual effects breakdown of the sequence in "The Force Awakens" where Rey & Finn escape Jakku in the Millennium Falcon. The sequence was captured on the IMAX format, shooting in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Practical effects were used where possible, including explosions. Once the Falcon takes fli...More

Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Accident, Removes Tag, Flees Scene, all Caught on Dashcam

Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.. Driver pulls off shoulder and stops in middle of traffic causing accident. He then pulls over to shoulder in front of me, but only to remove his tag and flee the scene.

Fast and Furious 7 Ending Scene

Fast and Furious 7 Final Scene. For Paul. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might oth...More

【With Mario Tennis Effects】 Djokovic vs Nishikori Match Point Scene - US Open - テニスの試合にエフェクトつけ

Real life tennis is way more interesting with Mario Tennis Effects. I manipulated the historical moment for Japan in US Open Tennis Championships semi-final on Sep.6, 2014 with Mario Tennis game effects. 2014年US Open準決勝(錦織選手vsジョコビッチ選手)マッチポイントの場面...More

Bill Nye Film Scene - Mom and Women in STEM

See more about the film:

Big Poop scene from Louie episode 502 ala carte

Poop scene from Louie.

Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Neo and Trinity show up as Legos to kick some ass Spent a while on this one, taught myself alot. This was more of an experimental animation to test my limits of animation, Hope you enjoy!:) Music: Title: Neon Lights Artist: DOCTOR VOX ( Direct Download Link: ht...More

In Bruges - Colin Farrell fat people scene OFFICIAL HD VIDEO

One of the best scenes from In Bruges. Colin Farrell talking to fat people about ascending a tower. Get one month's free trial at now. Watch now, and check out exclusive bonus content! Or join in the conversation on Facebook @PictureBox and Tw...More

My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee's Nunchaku scene

From Game Of Death my son(Ryusei) is a huge Bruce Lee from Japan

Raiders of The Lost Ark's Boulder - Art of the Scene

It’s one of the most iconic and engaging opening sequences in movie history, firmly establishing Indiana Jones, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg as blockbuster forces to be reckoned with. SUBSCRIBE: Indiana Jones wouldn’t occupy his place in our collective consciousness w...More

Roger Sterling's LSD Scene

This seven-minute LSD depiction on Mad Men sold me my dream of wanting to be a storyteller..

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