Perfect Save

The Perfect Save [0.54].

Save Our Bees with Moby

Join Moby, the award-winning musician, DJ and activist, as he takes us on a tour of his four-acre property atop the Hollywood Hills to share his special connection with the 30,000 bees that call it home. We have bees to thank for one out of three bites of food we eat, but they’re dying and need o...More

French Policeman Shoots Suicidal Man To Save His Life

French policeman shoots suicidal man to save his life.

Unbelievable save by Carter Hutton against the Leafs

Unbelievable save by Carter Hutton... [1:18]. Incredible goaltending

9 Tips To Save Your Life

Sitting can be lethal - here's how to counteract it! Watch "Are You Sitting Too Much?" SUBSCRIBE! It's free: ---Links to follow us below--- Get the AsapSCIENCE book! Watch our last video:

SAVE OUR SONS - Game of Thrones remixed (Season 2)

A song of war and freedom in three parts. Season 2 of Game of Thrones remixed. Subscribe for more remixes and mashups. @musicalscience Lyrics: You think we're savages because we don't live in stone castles We can't make steel as good as yours, it's true, ...More

Save The Bros

Great commercial from a small company.. Our bros are in trouble. Learn how you can help save our beloved Bromo Sapiens from chugging toxic chemical junk found in their favorite food source: protein shakes. Organic Valley has a solution. It's called Organic Fuel. Watch this...More

St John Ambulance The Chokeables advert: save a choking baby

How to save a choking baby in 40 seconds (starring David Mitchell and David Walliams). Find out how to save a choking baby with #TheChokeables – the new advert from St John Ambulance. Pen lid, marble, princess and jelly baby have had enough of being a hazard and they are here to show you the corr...More

How every company in America can save 23% on wages

How every company in America can save 23% on wages. Sources: Store: Twitter: Facebook: G+:

Falcon DayZRP - Hostage sings a song to save his life. (Frank Perry)

DayZ player sings a song to save his life (song starts at 3:44) - [6:08].

A bullet attachment that could save lives?

A bullet attachment that could save lives?. It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this new device is intended to give suspects a chance to live if shot. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island

India man plants forest bigger than central park to save his island. Since 1979, Jadav Payeng has been planting hundreds of trees on an Indian island threatened by erosion. In this film, photographer Jitu Kalita traverses Payeng’s home—the largest river island in the world—and reveals the touc...More

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