All Trailers are the Same!!! - As the summer movie season approaches and you see many trailers in the theater. Remember, secretly they are all the same.

We Are Far More the Same Than We Are Different | Tony Goldwyn Interview | Larry King Now - Ora TV

We Are Far More the Same Than We Are Different | Tony Goldwyn Interview | Larry King Now - Ora TV SUBSCRIBE to Larry King's YouTube Channel: Tony Goldwyn talks to Larry about his fascination with what divides us as a society and how he uses those themes in his new show 'The Di...More

Paul Rudd Plays The Same Clip When He's On Conan

Here's every time Paul Rudd went on

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love Feat. Tegan and Sara [HD VERSION LIVE FROM OSHEAGA 2013]

Tegan and Sara join Macklemore at Osheaga to perform Same Love. Tegan and Sara surprise guests at Osheaga Music Festival by joining Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for a performance of "Same Love." Get "Same Love" feat. Mary Lambert on iTunes:

Are Daario Naharis and Euron Greyjoy the same person? [ADWD spoilers]

A visual explanation and analysis of Daario=Euron, a Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones fan theory about Daario Naharis and Euron Greyjoy. This video contains spoilers for Books 1-5. This video contains images of violence. Created with Toon Boom Studio 8.1, a Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet, and a Blue ...More

Mindless Media: News anchors from over a dozen US networks all reading the same script.

News Isn't News Anymore. It's time to wake up boys and girls. You can find me @ No Copyright intended. "Fair use" of this content is assumed by provision in Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 where allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes of news reporting, teac...More

The Moon the same distance as the ISS

The Moon at the same distance as the ISS (X-post /r/space).

John Marek - Back of my Head (guitar and drums at the same time)

My buddy playing guitar, drums and singing at the same time. Oh yeah, it's an original song, too. (xpost from /r/music). Me playing a song I made yesterday with guitar and drums simultaneously. I know it's not perfect but I just learned how to do this yesterday. Enjoy :) Also, try checking out my...More

25 years of The Simpsons couch gags (554 episodes) at the same time

A quarter century of Simpsons couch gags! Since most of the gags are only a few seconds long, this mess of episodes is just too short to really appreciate. But since the work's been done, here it is. Never realised there were so many repeats! Note that not all episodes have a couch gag, in which ...More

Bill Burr You People are all the Same 2012

Bill Burr... "You People are all the Same" [Full show]. Bill Burr You People are all the Same 2012. Another Great special from Bill Burr. Go support Him here I own nothing. This video and all its content belongs exclusively to Bill Burr. Bill Burr You Peopl...More

Proof That Every Tech Ad Is Exactly the Same

Proof that every tech advert is the same. Have you ever noticed that a lot of tech commercials look exactly the same? They blur together into a stream of smiling faces and bright lighting. And it's hard to remember what product they're even hawking. This Video pokes fun at commonplace tech commerc...More

Copy and Paste | Dirtbikers Fall In Same Place

Dirtbikers keep falling in the same place, which leads to a really silly pileup.. At the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2013, dirtbikers keep falling off the track in the same spot. There's a huge pile up before they figure it out and the riders stop crashing. SUBSCRIBE: LIKE us on...More

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