Trials Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster - Red Bull Roller Coaster

Get the full story here: It’s an amusement mash-up of epic proportions – you take French legend of moto trials riding Julien Dupont and introduce him and his bike to one of the...More

Jimmy and Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster

Watch Kevin Hart scream like a girl when he and JImmy Fallon face their fears and ride a roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Dunkcoon

You don't want this guy building Roller Coaster Amusement Parks. I am a bidnessman man.

Brandon tries the Oculus Rift (roller coaster)

Redneck tries a virtual reality roller coaster while standing up. Fun starts at 20s if you're impatient (xpost from /r/oculus). Yet another co-worker of mine wants to try the Oculus Rift. He probably should have sat down lol

Skyscraper World's Tallest Roller Coaster POV - Skyplex Orlando

A mockup POV of what will be the world's tallest roller coaster. Holy shit.. New video featuring track layout and POV for Skyscraper - The world's tallest roller coaster more than 500 feet tall at Skyplex in Orlando! Opening in 2017!


To THE FRONT PAGE HE GOES. GO TO WWW.ROLLERCYCLE.COM FOR MORE DETAILS AND WHERE TO GET ONE The Roller Cycle is a personal power accelerator that takes you safely up to 25 MPH on inline skates and skateboards. The powerful, two-cycle, 40.1 cc engine enables intermediate to advanced skaters to tackle...More

Oculus Rift Roller Coaster Reaction: Aunt's mind is hilariously blown!

Last night, I broke out my Oculus Rift after Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt had the best reaction!. My aunt tries out the Oculus Rift roller coaster (Rift Coaster) simulation for the first time. Oculus Rift VR Rift Coaster

Beetle Juice - A Minecraft Roller Coaster

Beetlejuice Minecraft... Mind Blown!. This was done on the XBOX 360 in creative mode. We worked on it off and on for two months. Leave a like, comment or subcribe! Thank you! -Nuro ---- OK. I am just going to add this little bit of info for all of you who don't like the music selection... we ...More

Augmented Thrill Ride Project - The very first Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters

In February 2014, I approached the german roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides with the idea of extending a real roller coaster by wearing an Oculus Rift headset during the ride. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the real environment by a synchronized virtual ride. At Mack Rides,...More

Nan On A Roller Coaster

Try not to smile as 70-year-old Ria takes her first ride on a roller coaster.

Jacob tries the Oculus Rift (roller coaster)

Guy scared of Rollercoasters rides one virtually with Oculus Rift, hilarity ensues.. This is my favorite reaction of the day.

Roller Coaster Accident Crazy Duck

CAAAHAHAHAHA!!AHAAHA!!!BIGDEBEEBUBIL!!!!!AOOOH MY GOD!!. Roller coaster accident duck attack style! Me and my friend tried to see how fast we could get the duck to spin. We can safely say that we pushed the duck way beyond its limits! I know it wasnt a roller coaster! But we kinda turned it i...More

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