Rugby Referee Nigel Owens Tells Player "This Is Not Soccer"

"This is not soccer". Fantastic clip featuring the legendary Nigel Owens

Swedish Hockey League Referee Puts Player In Headlock

Ending a hockey fight like a boss. Marius Holtet kvävs och tvingas peka ut av domaren Sören Persson i en nyligen svenskt Hockey League spel.

Football Coach Viciously Slaps Referee After Disputed Call

Football Assistant Coach Viciously Slaps Referee After Disputed Call. Little League Football Assistant Coach Viciously Slaps Referee After Disputed Call Meet Dion Robinson: a 43-year-old ex-con and soon to be former assistant football coach in a youth football league in West Park, Florida—weird. ...More

Referee Steve Kozari Puck To The Face Boston

referee takes puck to face during red wings bruins game doesn't miss a shift. NBC

Rugby Referee Breaks Leg

Rugby Referee Breaks Leg. In the Montpellier vs Racing Metro game yesterday, referee Mathieu Raynal suffered a double fracture of tibia and fibula, a broken collarbone and sprained left ankle after colliding with a player. All credit to Canal+

AHL referee wears helmet cam

GoPro and hockey officiating are a great mix. AHL referee David Banfield wears a GoPro helmet cam, giving an up close and personal look at what happens on the ice during a game. The video was shot during the annual Teddy Bear Toss game on Dec. 7, 2013, with the help of microphones on both Banfield a...More

west park saints referee incident 2012

Coach sucker punches a referee over a little league game. What happens when coaches put their egos ahead of the best interests of the kid.

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