Real Life Mirror's Edge

Another personal project and my 2nd GoPro-only edit... Wanted to recreate the look, movement and features of Mirror's Edge as much as possible. Everything shot on GoPro Hero 3/4 using a mouth-mount. All of the Parkour/Freerunning is real. Bonus clips / outtakes :

Indiana Jones in Real Life! In 4K!

Check out the Behind The Scenes here: Go subscribe to Stoked for Saturday, they made everything in NZ happen! YouTube: Instagram/Twitter: @stoked4saturday Facebook: Website: http://www...More

The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Robert Downey Jr. presents a real bionic Iron Man arm to a special kid. Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Manero, a #CollectiveProject student who founded Limbitless, surprised a very special child with a new bionic 3D printed arm at no cost to the family. To learn more about Albert and the #CollectivePr...More

The artificial skylight that you won't believe isn't real

Very soon you could have a sunny sky wherever and whenever you want.. It looks like the sun... but it isn't. It's a brand new type of artificial skylight called CoeLux which, for the first time, recreates the scientific process that makes the sky appear blue. It also creates an illusion of depth to ...More

GAY THUG vs. REAL GANGSTAS! (Advanced Warfare Trolling)

GAY THUG vs. REAL GANGSTAS! (Advanced Warfare Trolling). Gay THUG returns in Call of Duty and is going against some real gangstas! Enjoy the GAY thug trolling! Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support! DIRECTORS CHANNELS: Editor: h...More

Email in Real Life

Email in Real Life, the sequel to Conference Call in Real Life. Check out the outtakes here: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: Watch 10 of our unreleased videos! Order our book here: Want to sponsor o...More

MUNCHIES Presents: Interview with a REAL Pot Dealer

As the owner of Soy—the only Turkish company making copper and silver pots and pans completely by hand—Emir Ali Enç is responsible for everything from sourcing raw materials and meeting with international distributors to getting his hands dirty in the workshop when production needs to speed up....More

The Funk is Real

Young man comes across the synth of his childhood. Absolutely nails the demo-track.. Amandus, doing what he does. Enjoy!

Real Life Batsuit: Combat Armor

Real Life Batsuit final update!.

The Real Don Draper From 'Mad Men'?

Don Draper is a character that could only exist in fiction: impossibly handsome, endlessly talented, and crippled by alcoholism and other impulse-control problems. VICE was curious to see if there was any truth behind Mad Men protagonist, and that's how we found George Lois. A leader of the Creativ...More

The Real Railgun of the U.S. Navy

The Navy testing their stunning new rail gun. Railguns: weapons that can tear through walls like a pencil punctures a balloon. If you thought lasers were going to change the game, rail guns are going to blast the doors wide open.

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