Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars teaser #2 - Celebrity reactions

Matthew Mcconaughey's reaction to Star Wars trailer. Matthew Mcconaughey reacts to the Star Wars teaser. No copyright infringement intended. Twitter: oskararnarson

How Much Water Can Kill You? - Reactions

Subscribe! You may have heard of deadly poisons like arsenic, cyanide and even the devilishly hard to detect polonium 210. But did you know even drinking water could kill you? We had Deborah Blum, Ph.D., author of the totally awesome book “The Poisoners Handbook,” exp...More

Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video. For more information, please visit: Video & Editing Yan Liang ( Chemical Reaction Design Xiangang Tao, Wei Huang, & Yan Liang Chemical reactions were shot at th...More

Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean? - Reactions

Peeing in the ocean: Many have done it, but few admit to it. Fortunately for beachgoers everywhere, our latest episode of Reactions explains why, from an environmental perspective, it is absolutely OK to pee in the ocean. [Correction: At 1:50, the narration and text should read "250 gallons" not lit...More

Super Bowl #49 reactions.

I found this interesting. Deaf American Football fans reacting to the New England Patriots game winning interception.. They are deaf. Only two truly Patriots fans in full place of people who rooted for Seahawks.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much - Reactions

The season of giving is often also the season of over-indulging at the dinner table. As Thanksgiving approaches, Reactions takes a look down at our stomachs to find out what happens when you overeat. Put on your “eating pants” enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe!

Why Do Leaves Change Color? - Reactions

Subscribe! It’s the first day of autumn and the telltale signs are here: Crisp weather, pumpkin spice lattes and most importantly, the leaves are changing colors. Ever wonder why some leaves turn red, others yellow and some just turn brown? It's all down to chlorophyll ...More

Cleaning Time Lapse + Reactions

I cleaned my house to surprise my parents. My mom is a teacher with a lot of books and supplies. Plus, ever since my brother moved his dorm stuff back home, the junk has gone too far. Here is about 4 hours of me cleaning it while my parents were away plus their reactions. Sorry for some of the ba...More

VR Porn Reactions on Oculus From First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers

You might've heard of the Oculus Rift technology, but you've never seen people use it to watch XXX POV scenes. Until now. Subscribe to Complex for More: Check out more of Complex here: http:/...More

Accidental Discoveries That Changed The World - Reactions

Subscribe! Throughout the history of science, many major discoveries came accidentally. Sometimes they came from recognizing potential in an unexpected product or waste. Other times, discovery came out of pure desperation from a seemingly dead-end experiment. Here are som...More

Is MSG Bad for You? - Reactions

Subscribe! Few ingredients come with as much baggage as MSG. Otherwise known as monosodium glutamate, the compound has had a bad reputation for nearly 50 years, so we at Reactions felt it was time to clear its name. In this video, we debunk MSG myths and explain why the sc...More

How Smartphones Keep You Awake - Reactions

Your smartphone addiction isn't helping you sleep. In fact, an obscure chemical reaction may be keeping you awake. The latest Reactions video looks at the process that connects your late-night texts to your lack of sleep. Your smartphone, tablet and other devices emit large quantities of blue light...More

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